'Deep Throat's' Ex-Boss Shocked by Revelation

Gray once again acknowledged that he also turned over to Dean raw FBI files. But, he said, he did so only after the FBI's general counsel told him, " 'As a routine matter, we do not do this -- but when you receive a direct request from the president, you do,' and that's why I did."

Gray disclosed in Congressional testimony that he had turned over files to Dean, he said, because he feared he could be accused of not testifying truthfully if he had not done so. He believes his testimony got Dean to cooperate with prosecutors.

"I was up there … bent on telling the truth exactly as I saw it and letting the chips fall where they may," Gray said. "I knew what was going to happen -- that Dean was going to get very, very nervous. And I think it was Dean who brought down Richard Milhaus Nixon, not W. Mark Felt."

Gray believes Nixon eventually would have been implicated, anyway.

"I think that the FBI investigation itself was heading down that track, and they were proceeding at mach speed," Gray said. "And I think, yes, he would have been impeached as soon as that information started coming out, as it would have come out. And then as the grand jury made their various reports, I think it would have come out. And I think he would have been impeached."

Gray said "the gravest mistake of my 88 years" was getting involved with Nixon, and that he "refused all contact" with the former president after Watergate, though Nixon "sent me book after book after book" with personalized inscriptions.

"If you could have known what was in my heart and mind then, you would have thought I was a vigilante," Gray said. "I was so hurt and so angry at this man, who had not only junked his own presidency, but junked the career of so many other people, many of whom had to go to jail."

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