Transcript: Health Care Debate

agreeing on a -- seeming to agree on a pretty fundamental...


REICH: ... on Democratic capitalism, but I think that the -- authoritarian capitalism, we cannot understate the threat to the way we go about our -- our business, the way we think about the world.


STEPHANOPOULOS: ... of course, the president a bit preoccupied while he's overseas, planning his announcing on Afghanistan and on troops to Afghanistan. And one of the key elements, George, is that the

president is trying to convince some of our NATO allies to increase their troop commitment, as American troops are increased, as well, which seems inevitable.

WILL: Well, the problem is that often those troops come so encumbered with domestic restraints imposed by their governments as to what they can and cannot do that they're hardly worth the trouble to get

another thousand Germans or Dutch soldiers over there, not disparaging the efforts they're making, but they are circumscribed.

The danger is that the president is going to be seen as escalating this war. He'll do it half-heartedly with his heart not in it, he will lose his party, and he'll be supported by Republicans of the stripe of Liz Cheney, and that's not a sustainable path.

CHENEY: Well, let me just say that what I will support is the strategy that actually will win in Afghanistan, a strategy that's the one that was laid out by General McChrystal, and I think it's just completely inexcusable that we've now had month after month after month of photo-op out of the White House and no decision.

The president is very fond of saying, "Before I commit troops, I'm going to think very carefully about it." Somebody in the White House needs to remind him: He's already committed troops. We've got American men and women in Afghanistan today, because we've got to prevent Afghanistan from again becoming a safe haven for Al Qaida. The cost of walking away, the cost of defeat, the cost of retreat is huge. They're fighting there today, and they're fighting without the kind of resources and reinforcements that he needs -- that they need.


STEPHANOPOULOS: ... does -- does he have to worry about Republicans pulling the rug out from under? I think George's political analysis is dead right. He is not going to get votes from Democrats on increasing troops. Will Republicans stand by that recommendation, if the president makes it?

CHENEY: Republicans will stand by a recommendation that -- that allows us to win a war the president himself called necessary. I think it is absolutely critical that we win in Afghanistan. Now, George isn't standing by the recommendation. I mean, George has got a different view on this.

STEPHANOPOULOS: He's got a different view. I'm talking about Republicans in the House and the Senate.

REICH: Look, the president has failed so far to indicate specifically to the American people what our objective is, how we know we're succeeding, and how we're going to get out, and this is exactly what we went through in Iraq.

I mean, the American people, putting apart -- putting aside Democratic versus Republican partisanship, the American people don't want another Iraq. They don't want to go into a place where you have a corrupt regime or Karzai is not a -- a partner who can be relied upon and just get embroiled into...

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