TRANSCRIPT Newt Gingrich Talks with George

The other thing we don't know yet is South Carolina's the first race, with a large number of African-American voters. I mean, the amazing thing about Senator Obama is that he's really the Bobby Kennedy/Gene McCarthy candidate. He represents the reform...

STEPHANOPOULOS: Those are very different candidates. You're saying he's a merger of the two.

GINGRICH: He's a reform upper-middle class, if you look where their vote patterns were as compared to Lyndon Johnson. And I thought it was slightly strange of Senator Clinton to identify with Lyndon Johnson last week. I mean, this is not the sort of thing one reaches out to do automatically.

If he can actually take the reform wing of the party, the people who voted for Bill Bradley, which was a big part of his base in New Hampshire, and can actually add to it the African-American community by a large margin, then I think she has a very serious problem as you get to bigger states. And you have to assume that this could go on, I think, well past February 5th.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I think those campaigns are starting to think that as well. Mr. Speaker, thanks very much.

GINGRICH: Great to be with you.

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