'Rendition' Actor: Has U.S. Gone Too Far?

Actor Peter Sarsgaard's new film dramatizes a controversial tool in the war on terror -- rendition, the spiriting of suspected terrorists to other countries for questioning and, sometimes, torture. "Rendition" opens Friday, Oct. 19, nationwide.

Peter Sarsgaard: They call it extraordinary rendition, I think, because it's extrajudicial. And so there's no court that looks at the charges against this person and the information that they have.

It's important that the issue just be out there and that we talk about it. ... How far are you willing to go? How much are you willing to give up?

It's not really only about rendition, in my mind. It's also about this struggle that we're going through as a country, where we're trying to balance personal freedoms with the safety of our society. And it is a balancing act, but I think this is a case of us having gone way too far.