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Ted Turner has focused on education of another kind: about the peril posed by nuclear weapons to humanity. Both Turner and Buffett support the Nuclear Threat Intuitive, which works to reduce the threats posed by weapons of mass destruction.

The number of countries with nuclear weapons has tripled since 1960, but Ted Turner wants to reverse that trend -- and quickly.

"We got to all get rid of them," he said. "U.S., Russia, China. And they all understand that. And they all voted for it last year at the Security Council. So all I'm trying to do is remind them that they're already voted for it, let's go ahead and do it," Turner said. "And we've already voted for the START Treaty and it carried. Now all we got to do is ratify it with a supermajority of the Senate ... get that ratified and get on the road towards nuclear disarmament and world peace because we have too many other problems that we need to deal with," Turner said. "Let's get rid of polio and measles and malaria, instead of bombing each other."

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