Martha Raddatz on Bob Woodruff

STEPHANOPOULOS: Because -- and we've actually seen. The insurgents know this as well, so in recent weeks and in recent months, that's been their target.

RADDATZ: It's become a primary target. It's a softer target, as you know, but it is a primary target to attack these forces. There have been hundreds and hundreds -- thousands, probably -- of Iraqi security forces killed. Sometimes they're attacked by suicide bombers, but they have become a primary target. It is very dangerous business, training these troops for that reason alone.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And both Bob and Doug understood this. And as you pointed out, they're not being hot dogs here. They were wearing heavy...

RADDATZ: Not in any way. I have worked with Doug Vogt so many times. He is no hot dog. Bob Woodruff would not take risks that were -- without his body armor or anything else. They are both very careful. Doug, as a matter of fact, when he was with Terry Moran a few months ago, they hit a very small IED, and one of the Iraqi forces was killed. Doug was also in that convoy, but he was in an armored humvee at that time.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Martha, I know you'll be following this all morning. Obviously, this is very tough news for all of us here at ABC. It gives us a taste of what so many military families are going through every day. Our hearts and our prayers go to Bob, his wife, Lee, and their four kids, Doug's wife, Vivian, and their three daughters. We're going to be praying for them. We hope you will too. We'll be right back.

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