In Memoriam -- Sept. to Dec. 2004

Jacques Derrida, 74 -- Philosopher, "Father of Deconstruction."

Gordon Cooper, 77 -- Mercury 7 astronaut.

Johnny Kelley, 97 -- Boston Marathon champion who completed the race 58 times, the last at age 84.

Kenneth Bigley, 62 -- British independent contractor beheaded on videotape in Iraq.

Oct. 3, 2004

Richard Avedon, 81 -- Photographer.

Geoffrey Beene, 77 -- Fashion designer.

Edmond Ralph Haggar, 88 -- Apparel executive who coined the phrase "slacks."

Sept. 26, 2004

Skeeter Davis, 72 -- Country and pop singer.

Marvin Davis, 79 -- Billionaire businessman and former owner 20th Century Fox.

Russ Meyer, 82 -- Pioneer of the "skin flick."

Françoise Sagan, 69 -- Novelist and author of Bonjour Tristesse, which has sold two million copies and been translated into more than 15 languages.

Eddie Adams, 71 -- Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer.

Eugene Armstrong, 46, and Jack Helmsley, 45 -- Construction contractors who were beheaded on videotape in Iraq.

Sept. 19, 2004

Fred Ebb, 74 -- lyricist whose credits include Cabaret, Chicago, Funny Lady and New York, New York.

Johnny Ramone, 55 -- co-founder, The Ramones.

"I see too many people linger on, and I don't believe that people should be playing rock and roll when they're approaching 50, or something like that. … It should be like a 40-year-old mandatory retirement age or something. Just get everyone out, and let's have young kids playing it."

James David Barber, 74 -- presidential scholar.

"We better watch out who we elect to be president of the United States, because a president can rearrange things to his own desires."

Sept. 12, 2004

Frank Thomas, 92 -- animator whose credits include Pinocchio, Cinderella, Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp.

"I'd never thought of going into animation pieces, because animation is not considered a profession. Nobody's really interested in it and there aren't any studios to go to."

"You'd have trouble defining what a romantic is, but I think it has a lot to do with living with your dreams, and dreaming quite a bit about connections between the trees, the sky, the grasses, the birds, the animals, and you being part of the whole thing."

Beyers Naude, 89 -- head of the South African Council of Churches who became a leading Afrikaner voice against apartheid.

"We had a deeply divided society. And the tragedy is that as we continue on this way, this society eventually is going to destroy itself."

Richard Butler, 86 -- founder of the Aryan Nations.

Kirk Fordice, 70 -- Mississippi's first Republican governor in more than 100 years; he served from 1992-2000.

Brock Adams, 77 -- Congressman 1965-1977, secretary of transportation 1977-1979, senator 1986-1992.

Sept. 5, 2004

Raful Neal, 68 -- blues musician and member of the Louisiana Blues Hall of Fame.

E. Fay Jones, 83 -- architect who designed Thorncrown Chapel, which is called architecture's fourth greatest achievement of the 20th century; awarded American Institute of Architects' gold medal in 1990.

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