Klein: 'Trump is building an obstruction case against himself with every tweet'

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on "This Week."
9:51 | 06/18/17

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Transcript for Klein: 'Trump is building an obstruction case against himself with every tweet'
Reporter: And here to discuss those sentiments and all the week's politics, we're joined by the powerhouse "Roundtable." ABC news cricketer Kristen Soltis Anderson. Democratic pollster Margie omero. Together, they co-host the pollsters podcast. CNN commentator Marc Lamont hill, author of "Nobody." And ABC news political director, Rick Klein. Lots of podcasters here today. Welcome, everybody. And Rick, I want to start with you in that. Those very moving words from the pastor. I was struck by that and by a lot of those voters and what they were saying. They were trump voters. It -- of course we all think, I cannot believe it was just Wednesday that terrible, horrific shooting on the baseball field. You saw that powerful image at nationals park. Of them praying together. But, will this last? Will this moment of coming together last? Gabby giffords was shot before. It dissolved in years. We saw a moment. A real moment. But only a moment. Time moves more quickly. The president, before that game, he had moved on to attacking Hillary Clinton, the to attacking the prosecutors on his case. There are not a lot of people I talked to that are optimistic about this being something that wakes everyone up and changes the tone. Ah law maikss said it's going to be up to us to call out people on our own sides when they go too far. Can you go on your own side and say, this is unacceptable? You talked about the president's tweets quickly turns to Hillary Clinton. To what extent does this healing have to come from the top? I know kellyanne Conway said this week he was the healer? Chief. It would be lovely. I don't think it has to be at the top. It has to come from everybody looking to the other side of the aisle. Someone from the other side of the aisle. Former president Joe Biden said, we need to stop questioning the motives of the folk on the other side. We can say, I believe you're wrong. Your taxpayer policy is bad. That's different than saying, I believe you are a bad person, you want people to be poor. That's where so much of our political discussion is today. Going and holing up signs. To becoming radicalized to the point of violence. Marc, certainly, vitriol in the past. In presidential administrations. Is this one different? Have things really changed or not? Well, I think your first point is quite accurate. We can't be nostalgic about it. That there was a golden age where people were nice to each other. It's always been personal. That's the nature of politics. Was this a turning point? I think the last election cycle turned it up a notch. Part of it is the nature of who is running for office. Part of it is new media. It allows a different type of vitriol to be normalized. Normally, there's a lot of discussion about tougher gun laws. There wasn't this time. Does that have to do with the fact that you had the capitol police officer there is. The security detail who stopped this from being a much more tragic event? We don't need to wait for more tragedies to take more action on guns. Voters are ready. We did a poll in may in advance of, the one-year anniversary of the pulse shooting. Other slootings. Dozens of shootings happen that don't make national news. The majority of Americans want fewer guns. Want guns harder to get. The majority of Americans sorted 15. The majority of Americans don't vote in the GOP primary. I agree with what you're saying. This is what -- most Americans want universal background checks. We have to get beyond the power of particular lobbies if we're going to get anywhere. If you are on the right this week, this was the perfect case study. A good guy with a gun beats a bad guy with a gun. Speaking politics, Georgia, the runoff this week. That is a big one. It is a bellwether. Sit the canary in the coal mine. Talk about that race. The pressure is on the Democrats now. On one level, this is peerk Gingrich's old seat. You would expect a Republican to be fine there. This is the most expensive house race in the history of the country. They're not going to have an opportunity to elevate like this. If they're not successful, it will exacerbate the democratic civil war. Ossoff has run a main stream race. He's not fire and brimstone against dqnald trump. He's not bernie-sized the anger. If he loses, people will say he should have. The aerng at Donald Trump. The anger at what's going on in the country is not enough to win elections. Marc, you live in Georgia part of the week. What are you seeing? I see a lot of people on the ground who are changing vary vote. The numbers look good for him. I disagree with the idea that Democrats have to win. I think the pressure is on the Republicans. Money notwithstanding. I say that because this seat was won by 3 points last year. If Democrats make this a race, I would be wildly optimistic as a Democrat that anything reasonable, we can win. If we are winning the suburbs of Georgia, we can win in two years. I want to ask you about the Russia probe. We spent a lot of time on that this morning. Americans in Washington are riveted by this. You saw some of the folks I talked to from around the country who were in gettysburg. Are we wrong to assume this is a big deal outside the beltway? People are determining whether or not they approve of the job Donald Trump is doing based on how it is affecting their lives. A lot of folks don't like the president. He came into office, they already disapproved. Only 8% of Democrats approve of the job Donald Trump is doing. For many folks this is baked into the cake. There's a group of voters like the ones in Pennsylvania. Just waiting for things to get better in their own lives. Progress on things like health care reform. Tax reform. The stuff that Republicans on the hill want to see advanced. It feels like there's a distraction here because of the Russian investigation. Donald Trump is running an ad on face book based on this with a witch hunt. He clearly thinks this -- this witch hunt, any way, appealed to his base and talking about it. It may for some voters. And for sure, there are for a lot of Americans this is not the top priority. This is a priority. We're just in the beginning of this. We'll talk about this for months. The majority of Americans feel that trump has done some sort of obstruction of justice. A majority of Americans feel E he doesn't respect democratic institutions. 19 million people watched the Comey hearings. We're at the beginning of the conversation. Trump's message, as always, is aimed at his base. A good point, Rick. What does this do to the legislative agenda? Tax reform, health care. Republicans on the hill have gotten good at compartmentalizing trump. Focus on what he does, not what he tweets. This is a problem on a couple of levels. One, it's one thing to declare war on Democrats. But declaring war on Bob Mueller after James Comey, rod Rosenstein. These tweets are potentially evidence. The fact that Donald Trump is building a case against up himself with every tweet has people squirming on capitol hill. They are seeing a president they're not sure if he's pulling in the same direction. They're seeing distractions every day. People agree in the polls that he should stop tweeting. And he's not a good spokes person. Almost every poll we look at we see big partisan divides. 90% of Democrats feeling one way, 90% are feeling the ore way. Tweeting is the number one issue people agree on. Can the Republicans pull off health care and tax reform? Oh, yeah. And the deficit. And immigration. It will be worked out bn by July 4th. Thank you all for joining us. When we come back, I'll talk to America's former top diplomat

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{"id":48117331,"title":"Klein: 'Trump is building an obstruction case against himself with every tweet'","duration":"9:51","description":"The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/klein-trump-building-obstruction-case-tweet-48117331","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}