'This Week': Reflecting on Iraq

ABC News' Jonathan Karl, Martha Raddatz and retired Gen. Peter Chiarelli reflect on latest violence in Iraq.
3:25 | 06/15/14

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Transcript for 'This Week': Reflecting on Iraq
general peter Chiarelli and Martha Raddatz. Martha, I want to start with you, you're of course are on your 23rd trip to Iraq. You were there as American troops left Iraq. What is your sense, did you ever envision something like this happening? I think it was always a danger, Jon, all of us had great hope. I loved talking to the soldiers on the way out in that convoy, I think we were together about 45 hours, driving out into Kuwait. And all of them said they had great hope. But all of them said that very hesitantly. I think when I walk around these streets, I see people who lost their legs. We passed a store today, it was a store filled with wheelchairs out in the streets. Iraqis have suffered so much, too. I was talking to a couple of 21-year-olds, thinking they were 9 years old when they the war started. There was some hope. But now, probably launched back into war. If not in Baghdad, but certainly other parts of the country. And general Chiarelli, you spent two years of your life in Iraq. And you saw men and women under your command lose their lives. What can you say to those families now as they see Al Qaeda on the move, Iraq falling into crisis? I don't know what you say to those families. This has to be difficult for them. It's difficult for the almost 4500 survivors who have had lost loved ones in Iraq and it's difficult for all of the wounded. It's difficult for all of those folks who spent much longer than I did, much longer than two years, four years those who put their lives on hold to see this happening is extremely difficult for all of us. I mean, does it mean it was all for nothing? It really seems to be that way today. Hopefully, things will get better. But I fear that -- you know, we just celebrated the 70th anniversary of d-day and those great Americans, not only after the war, but on this anniversary, were able to go back and see what their sacrifice and the sacrifices that they left behind were able to accomplish. I fear we have a generation of warriors that will not have that opportunity to ever go back to Iraq and really see what their sacrifices were able to provide for the Iraqis. Martha, what are you hearing from the troops that you spent time with? I know some of them have been reaching out to you. They're terribly, terribly upset, Jon. I'm going to steal the words of one soldier. "It kills my heart." Martha Raddatz, general peter Chiarelli thank you for joining us. We now honor our fellow Americans who serve and sacrifice. This week the Pentagon released the names of six soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Sacrifice. This week the Pentagon released the names of six soldiers That's all for today. Thanks for sharing part of your Sunday with us. Check out "World news" with David Muir tonight. To all of the dads out there, especially my father, happy father's day. Dads out there, especially my father, happy father's day.

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{"id":24146494,"title":"'This Week': Reflecting on Iraq","duration":"3:25","description":"ABC News' Jonathan Karl, Martha Raddatz and retired Gen. Peter Chiarelli reflect on latest violence in Iraq.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/week-reflecting-iraq-24146494","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}