'This Week': Shutdown Showdown

Sen. Lindsey Graham, Rep. Keith Ellison, and Rep. Raul Labrador debate the shutdown.
3:00 | 10/13/13

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Transcript for 'This Week': Shutdown Showdown
three very distinct perspectives. Republican senator lindsey graham, democratic congressman keith ellison and republican congressman raul labrador. Leader among house conservatives. Senator graham, let me begin with you, you were working on a deal with democrats and republicans in the senate, it seemed to collapse yesterday, shot down by the democratic leader harry reid. Right now, is there any deal that could get through both houses of congress and signed by the president? I don't see one. If you break the spending cap you're not going to get any republicans in the senate. What I'm worried a deal comes out of the senate, that compromises speaker boehner's leadership. When this is over, do we really want to compromise john boehner leader of the house? I don't think so. Understanding that defunding obama care and delaying for a year is not a realistic possibility now. That's a pretty high bar. Let me bring that to congressman labrador, the democrats have been absolutely clear that's not going to happen, you don't have a majority for that. You know, it seems strange and we're four days away from breaching the debt ceiling. We gave the president a pretty good offer. The offer is we would actually extend the debt ceiling without any requirement for six weeks. We can continue negotiations on the debt and continue negotiations on the continuing resolution. The actual budget and the actual spending bill that we need to do. I don't see why the president is not accepting that and why he's not working with us. I think it's been very difficult to work with him, he wouldn't even come to the table to negotiate. Now that he's coming to the table, he rejected two offers. I thought that the house offer was a pretty reasonable one. I'm surprised that he also rejected the senate offer. Well, I mean, it's very simple, we can negotiate and talk all we want to after we reopen the government. As a matter of fact, we can open the government and can have any kind of discussions over anything they want. We got to reopen the government and pay america debts. Let's not forget, george, this whole thing started when republicans say we want to delay, repeal the affordable care act, which gives millions of americans insurance reform and access to health care. Including about 200,000 in idaho. And now, they're saying -- unless we stop all that, then they're not going to open the government and that's not realistic. Let me bring that to senator graham, you just said that's unrealistic, senator graham, to exhibit any changes in obama care. So, how can you convince house republicans like congressman labrador right here, that there could be some kind of agreement that doesn't include that. Give democrats most of what they want. At the end of the day, i really do believe that the democrats have moved the goalpost twice in the senate. We're in a free-fall as republicans. But democrats are not far behind and after listening to all of us talk, now probably understand why 60% americans want to vote all incumbents out. To my colleagues in the senate, we're ruining both institutions. It's unrealistic to expect us to defund or delay obama care by shutting the government down. But the fight on obama care is far from over. After this mess is behind us, obama care will be a liability for democrats and the government shutdown we can survive if we're smart. Paul ryan is working on a plan that could start in the house, that I think would be, involving very good government proposals, to prevent future shutdowns. In terms of correcting the problem and quite frankly putting every member of congress in the same plan. On the same terms as all americans. I hope that would come from the house -- let me bring that to congressman ellison. It's better to start in the house. Congressman ryan has talked about perhaps relieving some of the pain of the sequester in terms of entitlement reforms, can democrats accept that? Well, it's all about details. Let's see. We can't say -- I cannot support saying that we're going to diminish and lower social security in exchange for -- i don't know -- anything. I mean, these folks who exist on that are already on meager amounts of income, so we're not going to inflict more pain on them. It's all in the mix. Let's reopen the government. Let's pay america's debts. But it will be us giving and taking and them giving and taking. Not a situation like we have now, which is, we will stop inflicting pain on america if you get rid of health care which brings insurance reform and access to millions of americans. We can't do that. Congressman labrador, if the government is opened again, extends the debt limit deal for several months, it's not the kind of deal that majority of republicans, will there be retaliation against speaker boehner from house conservatives if he schedules that vote? I don't think so. First of all, whatever passes the house of representatives is going to have the majority of house. Keith said he wants us to reopen the government. He wants us to go ahead and vote on the debt ceiling. But he's unwilling to talk about what he's willing to negotiate on. He's unwilling to tell you what things he'll be working on remember when -- it's your job, raul. No. Remember when the president said he was for change in cpi. Social security. Every democrat in congress -- every single democratic senator said they wouldn't do it. This is the problem that we have. Any time we talk about entitlement reforms, democrats will only do it if we raise taxes. Every time we talk about the real spending problem, if you look at obama care, the president and his administration have given exemptions to their friends, to businesses, and all we're asking is to give the same exemption to the american people. I don't think that's too much to ask for. We can talk about all of these things once we reopen the government and pay america's debts. Improve the affordable care act and there are things that i propose that we do to improve even so-called entitlement reform. What if we negotiated drug prices as opposed to just locked in and let the pharmaceutical industry charge what they want. That's thing that I could do. There are numbers of things that we could do but we cannot do it under the gun as we are now. We just offered you a six-week extension of the debt limit. Six weeks is no good. You want to do this again in six weeks? Raul, that's crazy. I want to take one final question to senator graham. It looks like we're almost there. You got democrats and republicans right there. I can see a bill coming together. Tension between senate republicans and house republicans. I was struck by this tweet. By robert costa. The political dynamic now BETWEEN HOUSE Rs AND SENATE RS. Is tense. SENATOR Rs FEEL LIKE CANTOR. To sand strong is a middle finger. The truth is, we started down the road with unrealistic expectations. The government has shut down, obama care is still up but not running very well. What breaks my heart is that, for the last 12 days you have had a complete meltdown of the portal called obama care, the whole system is just not working. And we're overshadowing how badly obama care has been rolled out. But, as between the house and the senate, we really do share a common goal of trying to replace and repeal obama care over time. We never had the leverage through the shutdown to repeal or replace. That was unrealistic. Our democratic friends keep moving the goalpost in the senate, thinking they're winning. My belief is, paul ryan should lead this effort with john boehner to pass something out of the house that doesn't delay or defund be would be good government. But as between house and senate republicans, the sooner this over the better for us guys and to our democratic friends, you own obama care, and it's going to be the political gift that keeps on giving. So, the shutdown will be old news next year. Obama care's faults will be front and center in 2014. If we don't screw this up. That will have to be the last word this morning. Thank you, george. Those interviews just moments ago. Now to the roundtable.

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