'This Week' Full Transcript: Dec. 13, 2009

RYAN: It happens periodically. And unfortunately, we're seeing a meltdown of people turn around and watch YouTube, reading the Huffington Post, and finding out what's going on, the latest.

It's tabloidism. I mean, we're a society of reality TV, we read the tabloids, we hear the things, and unfortunately, we are drawn in. But at the same time, you have to remember, Tiger Woods is human, but at the same time, he is this -- was almost a perfect American.

STEPHANOPOULOS: But he's also got an entire industry, George Will, on his back.

WILL: And he can put it back on his back for this reason. He's not just a celebrity of the sort Daniel Boorstein (ph) talked about, a celebrity being well known for their well knowness. That's Paris Hilton. We tend to forget, Tiger Woods is a really good golfer, and people are going to pay to see him do that, and people are going to forgive him and they are going to quit looking at him as an exemplar.

Remember, no telling how many more home runs Babe Ruth would have hit if he had gone to bed a little earlier and a little more often with Mrs. Ruth.



STEPHANOPOULOS: ... victory for health care that solves the White House's problems is coming back and winning the Masters in April, do it for Tiger?

GILLESPIE: Maybe next April. I think he would probably benefit from going underground for a while. You know, tending to his home situation, and then coming -- if I were he, I would stay low, and then surface after a year.


PODESTA: I think those endorsements are going to come down. You'll see him off the screen. He's got to, really, I think over the course of the next year, and then he can, if -- you know, if his game's back, he can come back. And you've seen people...

STEPHANOPOULOS: But there's nothing he can say now that can begin to fix this.

PODESTA: Only that I'm in therapy.


HUFFINGTON: It also depends on how many more mistresses are going to appear. Remember...

STEPHANOPOULOS: Haven't we passed critical mass at this point?


HUFFINGTON: He has won 14 majors. And right now, there are about 11 mistresses. And any minute now, they're going to overtake the majors.

RYAN: But you know what, one thing about Tiger Woods and golf, the golf world needs Tiger and Tiger needs golf. And he brought so many people, so many -- I mean, young ethnic kids into the game of golf. I mean, years ago, you would hear these kids saying, oh, I don't play that, that's not my sport. And so many kids thought everything was open to them once Tiger did it.

GILLESPIE: I was just going to say, one of the things about him, there's jokes and everything obviously all over the Internet, but you know, it's really -- what strikes me about it is it's remarkably sad. I mean, this is a guy who is the best golfer in the world, one of the most...


GILLESPIE: Ever, $1 billion, married to a swimsuit model. I mean, you're watching this, you think this is -- this is like, you know, this guy has got everything that he could possibly want, and clearly unfulfilled. You know, and there's just something remarkably sad. And in this season, you know, a good time for people to count their blessings in terms of you don't need a billion dollars and you know, to bring happiness.

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