'This Week' Transcript: Axelrod

So what I would suggest to Mr. Bilbray is that we agree on so much. I am ready to work with him to put whatever more border enforcement -- although we have quadrupled the number of resources on that border, but we also have to look internally if we're going to end illegal immigration as we know it.

So here's where Mr. Bilbray and I agree, all right? Put more border...


TAPPER: More Border Patrol.

GUTIERREZ: We -- we agree. It's in the bill. I have 102 Democrats who are ready to do it. I'm sure he's ready to do it.

TAPPER: How many Republicans do you have?

GUTIERREZ: Well, none. They don't have -- they don't have a comprehensive proposal. But let me just make -- I think...

TAPPER: But you can't get anything passed if you don't have Republicans for it. In the House you can...

GUTIERREZ: Exactly. Exactly.

TAPPER: ... but in the Senate you can't.

GUTIERREZ: Exactly. So, Jake, here's -- but -- but I think, first, we should see what it is what agree on so then we can figure out the others.


GUTIERREZ: And -- and -- no, but, seriously, I think if he wants a Social Security card that -- that...


TAPPER: Right, that's in the Democratic bill in the Senate.

GUTIERREZ: It's in our Democratic bill, too.

TAPPER: But here's the question, Mr. Bilbray, Congressman Bilbray. I've read a lot of transcripts with you, interviews with you, and I've never heard you say what should happen with the 12 to however many million illegal immigrants are in this country, what should happen to them. You say stop the employing -- the employment of them...


TAPPER: ... but you don't say, do we deport them? Do we make them temporary guest visa workers? What happens to these people?

BILBRAY: Jake, the first thing you do is pass the two Democratic bills the Republicans agree on, the Heath Shuler bill, where you have 230 people support it, Republicans and Democrats. Then you have Silvestre Reyes' bill, which has Republican -- we could pass that tomorrow if Speaker Pelosi allowed it to be done.

First you do is stop paying them to be here. Then what you do is you give enforcement the chance. You have not had interior enforcement.

When we talk about this, again, the 40 percent, don't hire 80 percent Border Patrol agents and 20 percent ICE. Ask the Border Patrol association. They would prefer to have ICE agents enforcing the employment. What you do with the people once you -- once you have done enforcement, you can do a true guest worker program where people come here legally and go home, but you do not create a special status for those illegally in the country and expect the rest of the world to follow our rules, if we announce that if you want to come to America you break the law...

TAPPER: So you don't have a problem with the idea, if these individuals -- the however many million, 12 million -- have to go back to their home countries, right, have to re-apply, have a temporary guest worker program, get in the back of the line, fine -- fine, learn English, that's OK with you?

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