'This Week' Transcript: Boston Marathon Security

PHOTO: Democratic Strategist and ABC News Contributor Donna Brazile, CNNs "Crossfire" Co-Host S.E. Cupp, The Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol and ABC News Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny on This Week

Below is the rush transcript of "This Week" on April 20, 2014. It may contain errors.

ANNOUNCER: Now on ABC This Week. Breaking news, a U.S. drone strike kills almost a dozen suspected al Qaeda operatives. We have brand new details about why the U.S. felt it had to act right now.

High alert: as Boston gets ready to run, our investigator Brian Ross behind the scenes as police prep for every scenario.

Finding faith: a new generation of evangelicals stepping up. But is their political power on the decline? A special Easter Sunday conversation with Franklin Graham.

Plus, baby on board.

CHELSEA CLINTON, BILL CLINTON'S DAUGHTER: We have our first child arriving later this year.

ANNOUNCER: Chelsea Clinton surprise announcement. Has a Clinton dynasty begun?

From ABC News, This Week with George Stephanopoulos begins now.


MARTHA RADDATZ, HOST: Good morning, I'm Martha Raddatz. Happy Easter.

As we come on the air this morning, we have three stories which could affect your safety and security breaking right now.

In Boston, an unprecedented operation unfolding to protect tomorrow's marathon. In Yemen, where U.S. drone just took out 10 suspected al Qaeda militants. Was it in response to this new terror video.

And Ukraine, where civil war looks increasingly likely after a fragile truce destroyed moments ago by a checkpoint firefight.

We have team coverage from around the globe and we do begin with Alex Marquardt in Ukraine -- Alex.


A mysterious and deadly shootout this morning is deepening divisions, raising tensions here after Ukraine had announced an Easter suspension of its military operation to quash pro-Russian unrest in the eastern part of the country. Around 3:00 am, pro-Russian militants say they were attacked outside of a town that they control and say several of their members were killed by a far right nationalist group, which is aligned with the new government in Kiev.

Now the evidence they're offering is suspicious, but already Moscow is saying it is outraged by Ukraine's unwillingness to control anti-Russian extremists. It's the latest sign that the deal signed in Geneva with Secretary of State John Kerry and other international partners last week has had no effect. It called on illegal armed groups to put down their weapons and leave occupied buildings like this one here, but so far no one has budged -- Martha.

RADDATZ: Thanks, Alex.

Now to that big hit against al Qaeda in Yemen. A U.S. drone taking out 10 of the terror group's suspected operatives. Let's go straight to one of the only western journalists inside Yemen. Reporter Iona Craig. Thanks for joining us, Iona.

Tell us what you know about these militants. We're told they were leaving a training camp.

IONA CRAIG, JOURNALIST: Yes, we don't know the names or ranks of those individuals which seems to indicate they were probably foot soldiers, but are not senior ranked al Qaeda members, but the government has said that they were apparently involved in organizing operations against the military and security installations and leaders of the security apparatus here in Yemen.

But it's obviously very difficult to independently verify those claims, but certainly even the government has acknowledged that three civilians were also killed in that strike.

RADDATZ: And you are hearing this morning there were also more air strikes in Yemen?

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