'This Week' Transcript: Crisis in the Classroom

But because of all of that, I think that's also causing quite a lot of anxiety amongst voters. Certainly we're hearing it all the time. I was at the rally, the Glenn Beck-led rally at the -- "Restoring Honor," yesterday, down on the mall. And certainly I got that impression from people, that they were anxious about what's going on. Whatever you think of the politics of it, you get the impression that when these speeches come on, people want something to feel good about.

Donna, what do you think about what happened and what I've just said?

BRAZILE: Well, I think what Glenn Beck has tapped into is a reservoir of fear and anxiety right now across the country, because most Americans just don't know. They don't have a firm grip on the future. They know that things are out of control. There's chaos in Washington, D.C. And yet Glenn Beck has been able to become their prophet, their prophet not of hope, but perhaps he's been the person who has spoken to their desire to see things return to a bygone past that will never come to fruition again.

AMANPOUR: The election results this week, the primary results. I mean, what did that say? Again sort of anti-incumbency...

WILL: Well, take Alaska, where Senator Mikulski -- Murkowski lost. That seat had been held by her or her father, who appointed her to it, for 30 years. This is exactly what in a sense the country is rebelling against.

And I think the real message of Alaska that ought to alarm a lot of people (inaudible) I think the polling models this year are all wrong. She was genuinely surprised. Her polls showed her winning, if not overwhelmingly, comfortably. The polls are not picking up the change in the turnout and the composition of this year's electorate.

This year's electorate is going to be older than the general election last year. It's going to be whiter. Minorities are less apt to vote in this kind of election. And it's, therefore, going to be more conservative.

BRAZILE: Well, the pundits can't cut a consistent storyline about the election results thus far. One week, it's anti-establishment; one week, they want more experience.

And George is right. There's an undercurrent right now in the country of voters who are simply disgusted with the politics -- what I call the status quo politics. And it caught Lisa by surprise, Senator Murkowski by surprise. It will catch many other folks by surprise this fall.

AMANPOUR: Let's put up this ad. It's a Democratic ad. Let's put up this, and we'll talk about it.


(UNKNOWN): Bobby Bright is the most independent member of Congress. Bobby voted against the bailouts, against stimulus spending, against the massive government health care, and Bobby voted against the trillion-dollar federal budget.

(UNKNOWN): I like Jason Altmire. He's not afraid to stand up to the president.

(UNKNOWN): And Nancy Pelosi.

(UNKNOWN): That may not be what the Washington crowd wants, but I don't work for them.



WILL: There's a missing word. Those were Democrats, right?

AMANPOUR: Precisely.

WILL: But you didn't hear the word "Democrat," did you?

AMANPOUR: Well, that's why we put that up.

WILL: Yes.


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