'This Week' Transcript: Economic Panel

FREELAND: But let's talk a little bit about the rest of the world. You know, I think that actually the president's comments, the comments by Mike Bloomberg are a really important message to the Muslim world. And we're going to be talking about Pakistan later on. For these people, for American leaders to say, in the space of, you know, some political pressure from their voters, to say, actually, we believe sufficiently strongly in diversity, in private property rights for our American citizens, I think that's a great...


IGNATIUS: ... our strongest -- our strongest suits.

ROBERTS: ... coming back from it is the problem.

IGNATIUS: As the world looks at us, if they see that the United States -- even in -- you know, an issue that hurts -- and Ground Zero hurts -- even on that issue, we still stand up for the freedom of people to dispose of their property as they want, that does count.

When I travel, you travel, Christiane, you know, we hear comments about that America a lot. And I think you shouldn't minimize the benefits of -- of saying to moderate Muslims, "Here you are. This upsets a lot of Americans, but we're"...


FREELAND: ... if the people you're being tolerant of...


DOWD: There's two freedoms in conflict here. There's two freedoms in conflict. There's the freedom to build on your private property and then the freedom for people to protest and say this is not what we want.

IGNATIUS: Understood.

DOWD: I think the president obviously has to lead in this country and lead in the world. The problem with this one is he is speaking from a position of weakness, not a position of strength. And so if he does not have consensus...

AMANPOUR: Why do you say that?

DOWD: He is in a total position -- his approval numbers in this country are in the low 40s. He's perceived as not able to handle all the major issues in this country right now. The vast majority of this country right now questions his leadership.

For him to go out on an issue like this that is white hot and then say, "I'm going to say it, and I'm going to lead the rest of the world," while two-thirds of this country is in another place, is a real problem for him.

AMANPOUR: So, clearly, the consensus appears that it should have been arranged, debated, done in a slightly better way between those who wanted to actually build it and the community, whether they're Jewish members of the community, Christians, or other Muslims.

And one of the tragedies seems to me that the actual imam was talking -- and his wife -- to the -- to the people who put up the Jewish community center in New York and was talking about how to have something similar like that. And it seems to have all gone awry.

Let's move on to politics, because this week was also -- and this is (inaudible) was primary week in -- in -- in many states. Some have said a group of sort of -- political playbook said oddball character is coming out of right field. What -- whether you believe or agree with that or not -- do you think is the effect of those who've won in some areas, the Tea Party candidates, those who supported?

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