'This Week' Transcript: Gen. Jim Jones (Ret.)


And up next, we'll give you a tax season warning as we look at the week ahead on ABC News. Electronic thieves may be after your refunds.


AMANPOUR: And now here's a preview of what else you can expect coming up on ABC News.


AMANPOUR: Tomorrow, on Good Morning America, Bill Clinton takes a break from his globetrotting to talk about what he's been up to recently and why.

BILL CLINTON, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: And I wanted to come here and see this.

AMANPOUR: The former president with a full plate on Monday's GMA.

On World News a new nightmare on top of the old. Getting your taxes done is bad enough, but now there are crooks involved.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE; I went into a panic. I went into an absolute panic.

AMANPOUR: Someone stole her identity in order to steal her refund. What to watch out for on World News.


AMANPOUR: Nightline will closely focusing on Libya over the next several days. And I'll following developments with you on Twitter, my Facebook page and on ABCnews.com. I'll see you online and here again next Sunday on This Week. Thank you for joining us.

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