'This Week' Transcript: God and Government


GRAHAM: Well, I believe we're -- no question, I believe we are in the latter days of this age. When I say "latter days," could it be the last hundred years or the last thousand years or the last six months, I don't know.

But the Bible, the things that the Bible predicts, earthquakes and famines, nation rising against nation, we see this happening with more frequency and more intensity.

But there's other things. When the anti-Christ comes, we talk about the number of the anti-Christ, that he'll have an economic mark that will be on your forehand -- or, on your right hand or your forehead. And that economic mark, you can't buy, sell, or trade unless you have that number.

AMANPOUR: And you believe in that?

GRAHAM: I believe the Bible, Christiane, from cover to cover. Absolutely word-for-word. I believe the Bible.

AMANPOUR: So, what will the second coming look like?

GRAHAM: Well, the Bible says that every eye is going to see it. And -- well, how is that going to happen? There's so many phones today.

And just look at what's happening in Libya or Egypt and everybody's got their phone up and everybody's taking recordings and posting it on YouTube and whatever and sending it to you or -- and it gets shown around the world.

I don't know, but he says that he'll be coming on the clouds and the world is going to moan. They're going to groan.

AMANPOUR: I don't mean to be disrespectful --


AMANPOUR: -- but could there be a second coming by social media? AMANPOUR: Is that what you mean?

GRAHAM: No. I'm just saying that how the whole world will see him when he comes, and he's coming back for his people.

How is the whole world going to see him all at one time? I don't know, unless all of a sudden, everybody's taking pictures and it's on the media worldwide. I don't know. Social media could have a big part in that.

AMANPOUR: You've made some very controversial comments about Islam, about Muslims, including on our program when we had our town hall that you joined us on a few months ago. Do you still feel that there's a real divide between Islam and Christianity in this country?

GRAHAM: Well, first of all, I've -- I love Muslim people. I don't believe that Mohammed can lead anybody to Heaven. I believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. That's what I believe.

AMANPOUR: Your father, who has been an adviser at the highest levels of power in the United States for so long. How does he think -- how does he think of today's America and today's Christian world?

GRAHAM: Well, I was with him not long ago, and he said, "the world in which I was born, I don't recognize anymore." He just doesn't recognize the world in which he grew up, where people were civil to each other. Politicians, even though they may disagree, were polite to one another and worked together. All of that has changed in our country today.

AMANPOUR: You have traveled to Haiti with Sarah Palin.


AMANPOUR: Is she the kind of candidate you would like to see run for election? Would she be your candidate of choice?

GRAHAM: I don't think Sarah's going to -- I don't think she// likes politics. I think she likes speaking on the issues, and I agree with many of the issues that she brings up, but I believe -- I don't see her as running for president.

AMANPOUR: If she did, would you support her? Would she be your candidate?

GRAHAM: It depends on who the other candidates are.

AMANPOUR: So, that's not a yes.

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