'This Week' Transcript: Holder and Giuliani

WILL: This is an anti-Washington year. How do you get more Washington than a three-term senator who occupies the seat once held by his father, a four-term senator, who before that worked on the Senate staff and then as a lobbyist in Washington? He's a wonderful man and a terrific senator, but the fact is, he's going against terrific headwinds this year, and he cast three votes, TARP, stimulus, and an individual mandate for health care.

Now, you might like one, two or all three of those, but being opposed to them is not outside the mainstream of American political argument.

TAPPER: Twenty seconds, Robin. What's going on here?

WRIGHT: Well, it's the beginning of a trend. You have the next coming up, Kentucky, and Arizona, and New Hampshire. We're likely to see this elsewhere. It's fascinating to see how many new delegates were participating in the -- yesterday. Democracy's about the majority, but it's about the majority of people who participate. And in this case, a certain kind of people participated, and their candidate won.

TAPPER: All right. The roundtable is going to continue in the green room on abcnews.com. And later, check out our fact checks.

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