'This Week' Transcript: Kaine and Steele

But, you know, the fact is, we've been talking about it so long that the Democrats aren't idiots. You know, they -- they are able to take a look at each congressional seat and try to stop whatever national wave there is, and they did it in Pennsylvania.

TAPPER: And I think Scott Brown -- I think the victory of Scott Brown...

ROBERTS: Got their attention.

TAPPER: ... happening in January really got their attention. And Democrats argue that this is not going to be a replay of 1994 when the Republicans recaptured the House because they had that warning shot across the bow...

ROBERTS: That's right.

TAPPER: ... of a Republican winning Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts. Why do you think the Republican, Tim Murphy, why do you think he -- he lost?

DONALDSON: Well, I don't know why he lost, except I think I know why the Democrat won.

TAPPER: Mark Critz?

DONALDSON: Yes, because he had been Murtha's long-time aide and assistant. Murtha had brought huge amounts of money -- only Robert C. Byrd beat Jack Murtha.

TAPPER: Jack Murtha, the late congressman who represented that seat.

DONALDSON: That's right. And he really said -- he didn't show it in the ad, because he wasn't running that kind of ad, hey, I'll continue to bring home the bacon. And the people of Johnstown said that's nice. We like the bacon.

BRAZILE: Mr. Burns was told by the Republican leadership here in Washington run against Washington, and it didn't play.

TAPPER: Let's turn -- I would be remiss if I didn't -- but we have two daughters of Louisiana here at the table here, and I do want to turn to the oil spill in the gulf. Cokie, you heard James Carville, the Democratic strategist, and Chris Matthews, who's certainly no enemy of this administration, berating President Obama in that clip when we came back from the break. Do you think the Obama administration is doing a good enough job with this?

ROBERTS: No. And I think that it is clear. The oil is gushing, and we've been lied to about how much oil is gushing, and -- and the administration authorities came out that first week and said, you know, the worst-case scenario is that it keeps up and we -- until we get the second well -- the worst-case scenario is now even worse than that, and the administration has now named a commission.

Now, this is, you know -- this is what you do when you really don't have anything else to do. You name a commission. And, you know, that is -- that's not going to stop the oil.

DONALDSON: How are you going to stop it? I mean, if you could stop it, BP would stop it. They're going to pay billions already. If the administration could stop it, they'd stop it. And I look at the two of you just going to beat up on them. At the moment, you can't stop it.

Now, three times in the last 10 years the Minerals Management Service...


TAPPER: That's the regulator in charge of making sure this type of thing doesn't happen...

DONALDSON: ... warned -- warned all of these people offshore, you've got to have something in a backup for these blowout preventers. It never happened. You say, well, why not? It was the regulation. They said it should happen. Because they didn't regulate. They've let the services -- I mean, they let the companies do what they wanted.

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