'This Week' Transcript: McKay, Napolitano, Salazar and Allen

This is not the case in the Arizona law. This is not the case of what's going on in the raids with Sheriff Arpaio there. And this is not what we're protesting. If everyone was subjected to that, like the buildings you referred to, there would be no cause for concern.

VANDEN HEUVEL: And for George to talk about synthetic hysteria, I mean, your colleague at the Washington Post, Michael Gerson, took serious issue with the column you wrote underneath, saying that this issue is going to sort Republicans and conservatives politically, morally.

I think Latino-bashing, which is what this is, is ultimately political suicide for the Republican Party. I also think...

WILL: Have you read the Democratic immigration bill?

VANDEN HEUVEL: I also think that, on the media front, I very much hope that Reverend Sharpton's march in Arizona next week, as the marches on Wall Street demanding accountability for jobs lost and greed, what it's done to this country, get the same attention as six Tea Partiers amassed on a corner get in the media.


MAHER: Let me defend myself, because I was -- just what he said about rephrasing my -- I would never say -- and I have never said, because it's not true -- that Republicans, all Republicans are racist. That would be silly and wrong. But nowadays, if you are racist, you're probably a Republican.

TAPPER: Well, let's leave that...


MAHER: And that is quite different.

TAPPER: Let's leave that topic -- that's a -- that's a whole other roundtable conversation.

But, George, you did bring up a topic about the Democratic immigration reform bill that I wanted to touch on, because Democrats are now shopping around -- they're trying to find Republican co-sponsors for their immigration reform bill. And it is a tough immigration reform bill. I mean, it does have a path to citizenship, but it also has some tough measures in there.

WILL: It says enforcement first, close the border, later we will worry about comprehensive reform. It could have been written by Republicans.

TAPPER: And, also, part of it is -- and, Bill, you touched on this on your show the other night -- is it has a national ID card. Here's part of the Democratic bill that says, "The card will possess biometric identifiers in the form of templates that definitively tie the individual user to the identity credential within five years of the date of enactment. This fraud-proof Social Security card will serve as the sole acceptable document to be produced by an employee to an employer for employment verification purposes."

This is the Democratic bill.

SHARPTON: So I'm sure Mr. Will is going to endorse that this morning and make news.

TAPPER: Well, but do you have an issue with that?

SHARPTON: I'm asking him.

TAPPER: But I'm asking you, and it's my show. Do you -- do you -- do you...


TAPPER: Do you have an issue with that?

SHARPTON: I would have some very serious questions about some of the aspects of the Democratic bill, but I'm going to see what ultimately ends up being the Democratic bill. And I'm sure a lot of us in the civil rights community will question parts of it.

What I go back to, though, it is interesting to me that those on the right that is headed by Brother Will here has not cheered this on. If he said it could have been written by a Republican, then why didn't he write in his column this morning that he supports it?

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