'This Week' Transcript: Plouffe, Pence, Van Hollen


We're going to have to look at how we get more health care cost savings. We already have a trillion dollars in deficit reduction over the last -- next 10 -- two decades with the health care act. We're going to have to look at defense spending. We're going to have to look at more programs here.

So it's going to have to be a balanced approach.

Now just to speak to the congressional Republican budget plan that was announced this week, you have to understand, the average millionaire in this country would get at least a $200,000 tax cut, while the average senior down the road is going to pay $6,000 more in health costs, the middle class is going to pay more, you've got a 70 percent cut in energy investments at a time of record gas prices.

So that's a choice, by the way. You wouldn't have to put all the burden on seniors and poor people and the middle class if you weren't giving the wealthiest in this country an enormous tax cut.

AMANPOUR: The president announced his reelection campaign this week, and somebody else has jumped in -- all but jumped in, Donald Trump. He says that he may run for president. He seems to doubt yet again about President Obama. He's talking yet again about the whole birth certificate issue and saying, "There is at least a good chance that Barack Hussein Obama has made mincemeat of our great and cherished Constitution."

So I know that you've answered all the questions on this birth certificate, but what do you make about -- what do you make of Donald Trump and raising this issue? Do you think it's going to be a big issue in the campaign?

PLOUFFE: I don't. I think I saw Donald Trump's kind of rise and some falls. And given his behavior and spectacle over the last couple of weeks, I hope he keeps on rising, because I don't think there is a -- there is zero chance that Donald Trump would ever be hired by the American people to do this job.

There may be a small part of the country that believes these things. But mainstream Americans think it's a sideshow. And what they want our leaders to do is focus squarely on the issues right in front of us, how we're going to keep growing the economy. We've had over 1.3 million jobs created in the last 13 months. We've got to keep doing that. How we keep our people safe. How do we make sure we're going to win the future by focusing on things like education and innovation.

So that is what they want us to focus on. That's not leadership, that's kind of a sideshow behavior.

AMANPOUR: On that note, Mr. Plouffe, thank you very much indeed for joining us.

PLOUFFE: Thanks for having me.

AMANPOUR: And we're joined now by Republican Congressman Mike Pence. He's from Indiana. He's a Tea Party favorite and who we saw earlier vowing to shut down the government if Democrats wouldn't agree to steep budget cuts. And also we're joined by Congressman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, the top Democrat on the House Budget Committee. He's dealing with some angry colleagues this morning. Congressmen, thank you both for coming. Welcome to "This Week."

You've been all over the air for the last 12 minutes talking about shut it down if it didn't go right. Will you vote for this deal?

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