'This Week' Transcript: President Barack Obama

AMASH: No, no, not at all. I mean look, when you go back home and talk to Republicans at home on the grassroots level, they want us to delay Obamacare. They want us to defund Obamacare. They want us to stop Obamacare.

ROBERT: Republicans at home on the grassroots level want Obama to be gone and it has, it has, it's a (inaudible) anything his name is attached to.

AMASH: You talk to Republicans and Democrats at home about Obamacare, it doesn't work, premiums are going up, access to healthcare is going to go down. We need to do something to delay it.


DOWD: What's happening on this issue is the outcome of President Obama's biggest failure which is, he came to Washington and it was polarized and it was divided. And he's now going to leave office or he's in his last three years of his office, more polarized and more divided.

Part of which is from him, part of which is from Republicans. He said he was going to fix it. He didn't.

STEPHANOPOULOS: So Paul, how does this showdown end? I mean it does appear that the Speaker is in a quandary which is why he was reaching out, begging Democrats to come to the table this week. It doesn't seem he can get a majority together for anything right now.

GIGOT: It's too bad. Because I think Republicans have forgotten the most important number for them. It's 218. That's the majority in the House. And without 218 agreeing on something, they have no leverage.

(UNKNOWN): And it's not there now.

GIGOT: And it's not there right now. And they need to get their act together. Because if they don't do that, then the Senate and the President are going to have the whip hand and be able to drive policy on them. And in the end, they'll end up surrendering. So they need to get organized.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Do you see a prospect of that? Is there anything right now on these big issues that can get 218 votes in the House?

AMASH: I think we're working toward it. We've got a deal that some of my colleagues have looked at; Tom Graves is working on a proposal to fund the government outside of Obamacare. So everything except Obamacare. Send it to the Senate. Send the Republican version to the Senate. Let them negotiate on it and we'll try to come up with a compromise.

But you can't start where the Democrats want us to start. You have to start with a Republican proposal. We have a Republican majority that was elected by Republicans. Let's starts with a Republican proposal.

STEPHANOPOULOS: You know Matthew Dowd I want to bring another question about the president to you. This whole notion that basically 2013 has come a cropper for the president. Everything he's put at the top of the agenda is stalled or failing or in reversal. So he kind of deflected.

If you were in the White House right now, what would you tell him is the best path to salvaging this year?

DOWD: Well what's interesting is, is I was in a White House at the same point in time in the presidency in the aftermath of Katrina where the president, President Bush's job approval dropped to about 43 or 44. Exactly the same--

STEPHANOPOULOS: It's getting there right now.

DOWD: It's exactly where he is today. And basically you have Congress that is in a dysfunctional place which is where it was when he was president. And that point in time, it was basically the beginning of the end of President Bush's presidency.

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