'This Week' Transcript: Tim Pawlenty and Mitch Daniels

PHOTO: Christiane Amanpour interviews former Minnesota governor and Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty.


AMANPOUR (voice-over): This week, the race is on.

PAWLENTY: I'm Tim Pawlenty, and I'm running for president of the United States.

AMANPOUR: Lots of candidates, but no clear front-runner. I asked former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty how he'll break out of the pack.

PAWLENTY: If somebody elbows me, they'll probably get an elbow back.

AMANPOUR: And Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels says he has other priorities.

(on-screen): How difficult was it for you to say that you loved your family more than your country?

(voice-over): And as the Republican field grow, our roundtable sizes up the contenders.

Then, facing the future. The class of 2011 is ready to work, but where are the jobs? Graduates ask top CEOs how they can get an edge in this troubled economy.


ANNOUNCER: Live from the Newseum in Washington, "This Week" with Christiane Amanpour starts right now.

AMANPOUR: Welcome to the program, and lots in store for you today. But first, some late news since your morning papers.

President Obama heads to Joplin, Missouri, today to tour the site of that deadly tornado. The president will meet with local residents and speak at a memorial service for the victims. A hundred and thirty-nine people were killed in the twister that struck a week ago today.

In Afghanistan, officials say a NATO air strike targeting insurgents instead killed 14 civilians, all women and children. Afghan leaders say the bombing was in retaliation for an attack on an American base on Saturday, and a NATO delegation is heading to the scene to investigate.

And Sarah Palin's campaign-style "One Nation" bus tour kicks off today right here in Washington, D.C. And it's touching off a fresh round of presidential speculation, but will she really run? Here's ABC's David Kerley.

KERLEY: Good morning, Christiane. It is a bit of a political mystery and this bus tour, as well. Here's what we know. Sarah Palin says she will start this bus tour of the northeast here in Washington today.

Here's what we don't know. Where is the bus? Is she speaking? Where does she go next? Is this all a publicity stunt or is this really a launch of a presidential campaign?

The plan, according to her political action committee, is to visit historical sites. We're hearing Gettysburg, the Liberty Bell. She'll also go to an early primary site, New Hampshire. This is unfriendly territory for her, so she may be testing the waters a little bit there. And, you know, she kind of announced all this with a very slick video showing the bus being dressed up in a grizzly bear at the beginning. Not sure if it was a mama grizzly or not.

Aides promised a schedule for today, this weekend, and we haven't seen anything yet. So is this Palin in perfect surprise mode for the media or a seat-of-the-pants plan? We don't really know. She's really not played by establishment rules and has had some success. She is asking for donations, Christiane, on this bus tour, which apparently starts somewhere in Washington sometime today.

AMANPOUR: David, thanks so much.

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