'This Week' Transcript: After the Tragedy


AMANPOUR: I'd like to go to Mrs. Bowman and Dr. Bowman in the front row, here. You were just in the area, in the Safeway, and you heard the shots. And your reaction was to rush out to them instead of stay hidden. What did you do and what will you remember?

BOWMAN: We had just passed Congresswoman Giffords and gone into the produce aisle, which is not my favorite section, and had not been in more than two to three minutes when the shots rang out, very quickly, all of them. It was over with probably less than three, four seconds, and just done, it seemed. As I got to the front door, a couple people ran in, one gal screaming, they're shot her, they've shot Congressman Giffords! And she had blood on herself running into the store. So, I stepped through and stopped behind a pillar.

There were no more gun shots, an old' badger had already done his thing by the time I looked around the corner and I - the first thing I saw was Daniel with Congresswoman Giffords and that's, sort of, where go in automatic mode started.

And I looked back after just two or three minutes and realized I had left my wing man, she wasn't there. She hadn't heard me. And they sort of swept her to the back of the store and she came out very quickly. I looked back and she was working with Judge Roll and that was the first time I felt calm, maybe. Because somebody showed up and was helping and the more I looked, everyone was helping everyone.

AMANPOUR: And you were barking out orders, weren't you? You came and really got into the first aid the triage and were giving orders who somebody who you didn't even know, who's not even a medical professional.

NANCY BOWMAN: Well he was the one barking out the most of the orders. He went from the very beginning of the line, all the way to the end, assessing everybody one by one. Those that he felt could be saved and had to come to terms with those that couldn't be saved. I came out and immediately started CPR on Judge Roll.

And as I was doing CPR, a bystander, a stranger to me, steps up and says, I can help. Tell me what to do. And, I guess, that's when the barking started. I told her to start to take over the chest compressions that I was doing. I started mouth to mouth on Judge Roll and then David came back to us after he had made his initial assessment of everyone and said, Nancy, you need to stop. There's nothing that can be done. So, I just looked at Judge Roll, and I said, I'm so, so sorry. And David said, you need to go over and take care of this woman over here, she's awake, she's conscious, she's breathing, she needs your help.

AMANPOUR: When we return, we'll hear from the woman at Gabby Giffords' bedside when she opened her eyes and a husband who became a human shield to protect his wife from a hail of bullets. Amazing stories of survival and hope as our American conversation continues

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AMANPOUR: Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, you are a good friend of Gabby Giffords. And, in fact, you were down here, this week. You came when the President came. What is your lasting impression of what happened?

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