'This Week' Transcript: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney

SANTORUM: Well, the -- there's a difference between trying to get a deal and actually putting something forward that's a compromise. The president has -- has been pretty insistent that this is the...


SANTORUM: -- his way or the highway.

KARL: -- everything but -- but alligator moats in the water, right?


KARL: I mean that's only one aspect (INAUDIBLE)...

VAN JONES, CO-HOST, "CROSSFIRE": I think that's right. I think -- I think we will get something done on immigration. This president is going to start climbing out of this hole. This is not the make or break moment, but it's the first step in a new conversation with the American people.

Here's -- here's the reality. 2014 is not about fixing stuff, it's about fix -- affixing blame.

Who is responsible?

Is it the ObamaCare economy or is it the obstruction economy?

Is this Republicans standing in the way of common sense stuff like immigration reform, like roads and bridges?

And I think the president has got to lay out, here's some common sense stuff we can do that would make America better and then challenge the Republicans to come along.

If they don't, I think he gets a chance to run against -- or -- an obstruction economy, not an ObamaCare economy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: God, he's been doing that for three years.

ROBERTS: Exactly.

GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS: Well, actually, that's the -- I was just going to say to Van, the problem is, is that, you know, blaming has not been very successful. And when kids do it in the schoolyard, you pull them apart. You know, blaming is not a really successful way to get something accomplished.

You know, leadership sort of overcomes that and that's something that he has not been particularly successful at doing, is -- is leading.

I realize he has a divided Congress, but remember, he had a -- in 2010, when he gave that immigration speech, he had the House and the Senate and did nothing on immigration.

As for immigration, doing a -- a grand bill, we saw what a grand bill did when we did a grand bill on health care. So I actually think that Cokie is right and doing it piecemeal has much greater success.

I don't think the -- I don't think our government can do these grand things that everybody thinks.

KARL: Well...

ROBERTS: Yes, but, you know, the -- the problem that the Republicans are facing, and they are very well aware of it, is somewhat of what Van is saying, is that the American people -- and our poll is showing this today -- are just fed up. I mean there's 27 percent are saying reelect my member of Congress. Only 27 percent.

So they've really got to guard against a wave election, where the whole attitude is just throw the bums out, nobody is getting any (INAUDIBLE)...

KARL: And you have that astounding number in there, that only 37 percent trust the president to make the right decisions.

ROBERTS: But only 19...

KARL: It was...

ROBERTS: -- percent trust the Republicans in Congress.

KARL: It was even lower for Democrats...


KARL: -- and even lower again...


JONES: Right. And I want to say...


JONES: -- something about that, which I thought, you know, you mentioned that the -- the president didn't fix everything in the two years. You know, all he did was save the economy, all he did was save the auto industry. All he did was pro...


JONES: -- I mean he -- he got an awful lot done. And -- but you know what, the last time...

KARL: Well, legislatively, he sure got a lot done.

JONES: He get...

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