'This Week' Transcript: Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

BRAZILE: Matt, I disagree with you, because more than two-thirds of the American people still blame the previous administration for the hole that we're in. They now see that -- we're coming out of the hole, but we cannot get out of the hole fast enough, given Congress's inability to get anything done. So I think the president has to continue to take his fight to Congress and to the American people.

AMANPOUR: So we actually talked to Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leader about that. The president doesn't just have to win over the American people; he needs to make serious inroads in Congress, as we've just been saying.

I spoke with the House Democratic leader just earlier.


AMANPOUR: The president is barnstorming the country, trying to sell this jobs bill. But it looks like the Senate Democrats are not dying to take it up. Why not?

PELOSI: Well, I think the Senate Democrats overwhelming are promoting it. There are one or two -- a few that may have some concerns about one aspect of it or another. But what's important is the president is taking it to the people. They understand the opportunity it presents, the distinctions between doing something or not and what it means in their lives.

AMANPOUR: He keeps saying that I -- I want the people to push this through, because he doesn't think it's going to make it in either the Senate or the House.

PELOSI: It never usually does unless you have public sentiment. I'm fond of saying to anyone who will listen, President Abraham Lincoln said public sentiment is everything.

You cannot just persuade people inside maneuvering. You have to have the outside messaging and mobilization so that people know if there's not -- if jobs aren't created why they're not created.

AMANPOUR: Now, it's no secret that you were quite disappointed in some of the president's previous public advocacy. Do you now think that there is a -- a pivot that's significant, that there is a new combative president, that he's going out and really doing what you had hoped, to uphold the Democratic flag?

PELOSI: I don't remember being -- I don't remember being ever disappointed in the president, but I -- I do think that doing more is better.

AMANPOUR: Do you think the case has been made well enough for accountable government, effective government?

PELOSI: Apparently not, if you look at the figures. But the fact is, is that we have to revert to a time where we took great respect for what we stood for, instead of trying to mischaracterize the other side, question their motivation, their patriotism, and the rest, as you see.

So that's why I think it's really important that President Obama get out there very strongly, very clearly about what this jobs bill does and what it means to kitchen-table concerns of the American people. Will they have a job? Can they educate their children? What about their retirement, and the rest?

But it's a fight. And it's a fight between those who do not believe there should be any government role, as I said, public safety, public education, clean air, clean water, food safety. We see it on the floor of the House every day, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.

Bless their hearts, the Republicans don't believe -- many of them don't believe in a public-sector role, and they vote accordingly. The American people have to make a judgment as to what is important to them.

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