Summer's Hottest Parties: Sun, Sex & Sand

Some like to dance on speakers in stilettos amid strobbing lights and dry ice in one of the world's biggest discos, in Bodrum, Turkey. Others prefer to indulge in "diet pills" and stay up all night writhing barefoot on the beach in Ko Phanghan, Thailand, to honor the full moon.

Now in the sweltering summer months, party scenes around the world are heating up, offering everyone a chance to let loose and strip down, regardless of one's style.

Whether you're looking to spray champagne on Puff Daddy in St. Tropez, France, sail alongside the mega yachts in the star-studded port of Hvar, Croatia, or simply groove in designer tunics with local/celebrity surfers in Montauk, N.Y., check out this list of summer's hottest spots to find the wildest party raging near you.

Ibiza, Spain

Once a sleepy art colony, Ibiza bloomed into Europe's wildest 24-hour party scene during its 1960s hippie heyday. In the decades since, this tiny Spanish island has continued to draw droves of jet setters and backpackers alike, seeking sun on glistening beaches and a chance to dance all night to house music.

Two reliable fixtures on the so-called "super club" circuit include Pacha and Amensia -- that helped make foam parties a global phenomenon.

Ibiza. A laser light show at Amnesia, a nightclub in Ibiza. Credit: Getty Images

Local authorities have recently cracked down on all-day parties, though, such as the 22-hour Sunday marathons at Space. Now that clubs can't open until 4:30 p.m., instead of 6 a.m., revelers with stamina spend their days dancing in the sun at beach parties. calls Playa de las Salinas "the hippest" of the sandy scenes.

If you need a little detox or down time, check out some of the desolate pebble beaches scattered around the island, hike into the hills to see stunning views or check out one of Ibiza's well-known yoga retreats.

Ko Phangan, Thailand

Every month almost 20,000 people flock to the island of Ko Phangan for the legendary Full Moon parties.

"It's a young crowd, a lot of tie-dye, a lot of trance, a lot of dreads," mostly from Europe, Australia and North America said Lisa Gill, senior editor at Conde Nast Traveler.

Partygoers often paint themselves in UV paint and pop a few "diet pills" before heading off to Had Rin Nok, on the southeast side of the island, for a three-day rave that culminates with the full moon.

Since starting in the 1980s, the festival has become a must-stop for backpackers in Asia, but has lately attracted more upscale restaurants and some top international DJs.

Thailand A backpacker celebrates the sun rise, left, and a fire blower entertains crowds on the beach, right, in Ko Phangan, Thailand, during one of the full moon parties. Credit: Getty Images

A more mellow option to partake in the fun, but still get to enjoy the stunning and tranquil beaches of southern Thailand is to stay on the nearby island of Ko Samui and take one of several ferries daily to Ko Phangan. Click here to find out more.

Havr, Croatia

The glitzy Croatian island of Hvar has quickly become one of Europe's top partying destinations, staking out a rivalry with other Mediterranean hot spots such as Ibiza and Mykonos, Greece.

The former Venetian island offers both culturally-rich sightseeing in its picturesque towns and all-night entertainment along the harbor.

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