Behold, the Travel Toys of the Stars

Still, Clooney's bikes can't begin to compete with what's in Travolta's garage. The "Pulp Fiction" star has not one, but two jets: a small Gulfstream and a giant Boeing 707 passenger jet, which he converted into a private flying hotel.

Travolta reportedly spent $4 million on his customized 707 and keeps his jets next to his home in custom-made jet ports.

But not everyone in the $20-million-plus-per-film club chooses a flashy ride.

Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, doesn't just make movies (2007's "11th Hour") about the environment; he claims to live it as much as possible.

"I fly commercially whenever possible," he said at a 2007 news conference in Cannes, adding that his home is also decked out with solar panels.

He's also driven a Toyota Prius for the last seven years.

The hybrid was even his ride to the Oscars last year, and now other stars like Cameron Diaz, Susan Sarandon, Tom Hanks and Harrison Ford are reportedly driving them too.

Decidedly even further down the flashy scale is Matthew McConaughey, who often ducks out of convertible-crawling Los Angeles in his silver Airstream trailer.

What started as a vehicle for the "Sahara" publicity trail has turned into what seems to be a full-time residence. McConaughey promoted the 2005 film by accepting interviews in trailer parks across the country, and felt so comfortable in his root-less lifestyle, it seems, that he adopted it full time.

Ewan McGregor's motorcycle — a BMW GS R1150 — hardly spends much time in the garage.

At least in 2004 — the year McGregor, star of "Moulin Rouge," and friend Charley Boorman famously trekked across three continents.

The pair covered 20,000 miles in just more than three months, and later that year Bravo aired a six-episode series "Long Way Round" chronicling the adventure.

Funny thing is, it was nearly a couple of KTM bikes they took on that trip, but the Austrian motocross company passed on the sponsorship.

But all the jets, motorbikes and hybrids in toyland could park and then some on Paul Allen's yacht. At 416 feet, the Octopus is among the biggest privately owned private yachts in the world.

It cost the Microsoft mogul more than $200 million and employs a staff of more than 60 people — including a couple of former Navy SEALS. There must be plenty to do, what with maintaining a pair of helicopters, seven boats, swimming pool, basketball field and a submarine that can accommodate up to eight people for two weeks underwater.

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