Top 10 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas


Weekly Football Contests: The M Resort offers a free contest for gamblers to try to pick the NFL teams will win each week. First prize each week is $5,000, and you don't have to risk a penny to take your shot. There is also a chance to win $150,000. The chances of winning are pretty slim, but hey, it's free. Coast Casinos also have a weekly football contest with $30,000 in prizes.

Circus Acts: Experience the world's largest permanent circus … above a casino floor at the aptly-named Circus Circus. There are acrobats, trapeze acts, jugglers and all your other favorite circus acts in the middle of the casino's kid-friendly midway. Performances start at 11 a.m. daily and go well past a toddler's bedtime.

Flamingo Wildlife Habitat: Appropriately enough, the Flamingo resort is home to a flock of live Chilean Flamingos. These birds, along with a collection of other feathered friends, hang out in the hotel's very own wildlife habitat, or the closest thing to it on The Las Vegas Strip. There are also swans, ducks, koi and turtles relaxing by the waterfalls and the tropical foliage.

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Ethel's Chocolates Factory Tour: Free, self-guided factory tours show every step of candy-making in the chocolate factory.

"It's something to do that doesn't have to do with gambling. It's in a little quiet area and you get free samples at the end, so you can't argue with that," Banas said. "It's a great thing, especially if you are there are with kids."

After seeing the sweets, check out the adjacent Botanical Cactus Garden, Nevada's largest. Based on the English landscape model of naturalistic design, Ethel's Botanical Cactus Garden features four acres of drought-tolerant ornamentals, cacti and other succulents. More than 300 species of plants can be found on the grounds, half being cacti.

Rio Masquerade Show in the Sky : This Carnival-like show is unlike anything else in Vegas. Performers ride floats that hang down from tracks on the ceiling of the casino. There is music and dancing, and plenty of free trinkets are thrown from the floats. Each unique show brings a new level of energy and excitement to an already-loud casino floor. Shows are hourly from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. (For $12.95, guests can actually get a spot on some floats and participate in the show.)

"That's like a 12-13 minute production," Curtis said. "These are actors, these are real performers up there singing and dancing. Some of these are fairly elaborate."

Fremont Street Experience: Located in Downtown Las Vegas, the Fremont Street Experience offers free nightly shows featuring 12.5 million lights and 550,000 watts of amazing sound. The show is often paired with free concerts and other special events. It's a modern twist on old-school Vegas. The show starts every hour on the hour from 7 p.m. to midnight. On the east end of the street, walk through the outdoor Neon Museum, which hosts some of the old hotels' neon signs.

Sirens of TI: It used to be a standard pirate show; the British fighting the pirates. But then Treasure Island rebranded itself as the hipper TI and added some sex appeal to its pirate show. Enter the Sirens of TI. There's still plenty of fighting and explosives but now some scantily-clad women are in the mix. The plot, if you need one, is that the sirens lure a band of renegade pirates into their cove with powerful and captivating melodies. Shows are every 90 minutes each night.

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