Medical Tourism: Bargain Plastic Surgery on the Luxe

Once you've successfully recovered from your enhancements, a trip to the glorious beaches in a revealing bathing suit is certainly what the doctor ordered.

"Brazil is one of the most well-known places in plastic surgery," said Edelheit. "Being on the beach in Rio or San Paulo and going to the stores and restaurants - it's the sexiness of a foreign destination, which is so attractive."

3. Surgeries and Safaris in South Africa

Dental work, rhinoplasties and cheek augmentations are just a few of the surgical procedures offered by a few select medical safari companies in South Africa.

As a new form of luxury tourism, a number of medical spas offer cosmetic procedures in luxurious surroundings, followed by a rejuvenating safari vacation complete with game drives, wildlife observation explorations and glamorous vineyard wine tours.

An outfit called "Surgery & Safari" coordinates every detail of your surgery and arranges your recuperation in "an oasis for the senses" safari on Mount Grace in Johannesburg.

4. Facial Restructuring in China

Large eyes, a fine nose and refined profile comprise a look coveted in China, with facial restructuring procedures comprising many of the 2 million surgeries completed in the country this year, The New York Times recently reported. If you choose to tour the Great Wall and undergo any number of transforming facial surgeries, China's new luxury medical spas offer surgical care with a gourmet meal after your procedure in holistic surroundings.

The influx of these holistic resorts and wellness retreats are quickly becoming a trend, said Edelheit.

"There's a huge rise in investment in building high-quality resorts, like 7-star resort hotels, designed for the patient experience," Edelheit said. "A patient has the feeling that they're being pampered, being able to recover in that environment. If you're in a more natural, happier environment, you'll recover faster."

Exotic Medical Tourism Retreats

5. Eyelid Surgery in Hawaii

Hawaii is considered one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the world, but it's also a leading destination for those who desire eyelid surgery.

"Hawaii is nice because it's a popular vacation spot, so you think, 'I'm going to get my eyelids done and be on vacation while I'm healing,'" said Svehlak.

One type of eyelid surgery, often selected by those who believe that their eyes are too small , is accomplished by creating a crease above the lid that opens up the eye and gives it a refreshed appearance, said Svehlak. Only those with a single eyelid fold -- in other words, a subgroup of Asians -- can have this particular type of procedure done.

But Svehlak said that many older patients undergo a different type of eyelid procedure "to remove loose skin on the eyelid. By trimming the loose skin and tying everything up, you can appear more youthful, more opened."

You can elect to undergo surgery in one of Hawaii's modern medical facilities, which offer luxurious accommodation and a holistic approach to healing.

"We're seeing more hospitals integrate the medicine with the holistic side, and in the hospital they'll be giving you massages, aromatherapy, pedicures, spas built in, trends we don't see here in the [mainland] U.S. -- the purposes of which is to have you heal in your spirit as well as physically," said Edelheit.

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