Behind the Scenes at the Waldorf Astoria's Posh Presidential Suite

"It's an honor and privilege for The Ritz-Carlton to be the home away from home for heads of state," she said. "My entire professional career has been dedicated to gaining valuable insight into the protocols, nuances and relationships required in this community."

The hotel doesn't have a presidential suite per se but three signature suites: the Royal, the Ritz-Carlton and the Central Park.

So who gets these top suites and who gets the lesser suites?

Chung said it is a combination of stature and repeat business.

"If we know they are coming back, we pretty much know the suite they want," she said. "There's certainly always competition for the big suites and new countries inevitably try to claw into the big suites but we our best to protect them for the heads of state that repeat into that specific suite."

The hotel's chefs learn to cook various dishes catering to the palates of the world leaders. Sometimes, the dignitary will bring his or her own chefs who are given space in the hotel's kitchens.

A large part of the hotel's job involves service. For instance, how do you address the visiting big shot?

Presidents, foreign ministers and ambassadors are typically referred to as "Your Excellency." Kings, queens and other royals are typically called "Your Majesty" or "Your Royal Highness."

Mr. President vs. Your Excellency

Granted, every country or leader has their own preferences.

"So it's really just knowing your countries well enough to know what they like," Chung said. "Some heads of state preferred to be addressed as 'Mr. President' as opposed to 'Your Excellency.'"

The Ritz has renovated suites for visiting dignitaries, converted rooms to offices and has even brought in special artwork, favorite flowers, scents, and bedding. The hotel's satellite dish is used to beam in the TV broadcasts from the dignitaries' home country. Once, Chung said, the hotel added mirrors in the elevator for a VIP who was a little bit claustrophobic.

"We maintain very significant relationships with our guests and we'll do whatever we can to accommodate them," she said.

Over at the Four Seasons, heads of states and their entourages typically take up one floor. The security detail usually converts a guest room into a meeting room and uses it as a command center, according to spokeswoman Leslie Lefkowitz.

The room is prepared as requested for the guest, then the Secret Service sweeps it with dogs. There are a number of other security measures taken -- most of which the hotel would not talk about -- including providing names of all employees who potentially come into contact with the head of state to the Secret Service.

So if you are walking around New York this week and see a limo parked outside one of these hotels, remember it might be Obama or one of the countless other world leaders hanging around town this week.

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