10 Signs of Travel Burnout

7. You stop off at McDonald's, forgetting all about the spouse's too-fat-to-fly warnings. "Obesity be darned," you think cheerfully. "Besides, Mickey D's had a higher American Customer Satisfaction Index ranking than the airlines, overall." This is true; the fast food chain scored 73 out of 100, versus 67 for the airlines, though JetBlue garnered an impressive individual 81 score.

8. While at the airport, you relax by studying airline regulations in the 'contacts of carriage'. "Would you look at that," you murmur. "Virgin America actually has a rule requiring all passengers to wear 'both top and bottom apparel'."

9. Back at home again, you change into your pajamas and the first thing that comes to mind is a TSA 'strip search'. "Good thing I'm a member of PreCheck," you say proudly. "I get to keep my shoes on."

10. You decide to relax and watch an old movie, but you find the X-Men film vaguely troubling. "Funny how that Sabretooth guy looks an awful lot like Richard Branson." Then off to bed where you'll count planes idling on the tarmac until you fall asleep.

How did you score on the burnout scale? The key: if one or more of the above applies to you, you're a bigger burnout than a flight attendant facing down a planeload of angry passengers who've been idling on the tarmac for more than three hours and are demanding food and water and permission to use their iPads.

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