Dining Out: Are Food Adjustments Allowed?

Q: What do you think of that story that Kim Kardashian annoyed a lot of people by bringing a smelly burrito on a plane?

A: Well, according to Kim Kardashian, this was complete hogwash (she claims to not like burritos). But I'm glad the issue of stinky food on planes got some media attention! Maybe someone who was planning to bring a smelly burrito on a flight thought better of it. So, while I can't believe I'm actually saying this, I have to give Ms. Kardashian props for taking one for the team.

Lesley Carlin has been writing about travel and etiquette professionally for more than 10 years. As one of the Etiquette Grrls, she is the co-author of "Things You Need to Be Told" and "More Things You Need to Be Told" (Berkley). Have a travel etiquette question of your own? E-mail Lesley at traveletiquette@tripadvisor.com.

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