20 reasons we're glad it's spring

It's spring! It's really, finally here! Here's what we're looking forward to most.

1. Flowered trees

Linden and cherry blossoms will practically pave the streets.

2. Lighter jackets

Leather jackets! Jean jackets! Army jackets! Windbreakers!

3. Here comes the sun

Is there any feeling better than getting out of work with the sun still out?


4. Cadbury Cream Eggs

Or Peeps, or jelly beans, or your seasonal candy of choice.

5. Fresh peas

Asparagus, artichokes, and many other spring veggies are controversial, but who can argue with peas?


6. Children in Easter dresses and hats

Children looking fancy! Also cute: little kids asking the four questions at the Passover seder.

7. The big thaw

Finally, the ground gives a little under your feet, and is nice and soft and squishy.


8. Bye, seasonal depression!

No more popping Vitamin D pills and reading under a SAD lamp.

9. Fresh smells

You can finally open your windows to let the air in without freezing.

10. Lambs

If you live in the country, it's lambing season. In other words, prime time for the world's cutest animal.

11. Holi

Holi, the Indian spring celebration, is probably the best holiday in the world. Here's proof.

12. City parks are alive again

Every day is a nice day for a stroll.

13. Pastel nail polish

Finally, baby blues and pinks look stylish instead of childish.

14. Birds

Swans are flying up north, hawks are mating, and birds are chirping everywhere.

15. Let's go fly a kite

Windy spring days have the power to decorate the sky.


16. Thawing rivers and lakes

The whole world sounds like a rich person's ornate fountain

17. Daisy crowns

Maybe this is the year we'll finally figure out how to make a crown of flowers.

18. We're still optimistic about our gardening ability

This will go away by May

19. Spring cleaning

For some reason, this is the only time of year where cleaning your house sounds appealing.

20. Eating outside

Even if you're tightly gripping your jacket the whole time.

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