Conrad Murray Trial: Michael Jackson Audio Mumbles About 'Lost Childhood'


Conrad Murray Sent Email Morning MJ Died

On Tuesday, the owner of a specialty pharmacy testified that Murray ordered several tubes of the bleaching cream along with the powerful anesthetic propofol and other sedatives in the months before the singer died. Jackson died from an overdose of propofol.

Prosecutors claim that Murray recklessly administered the drug and didn't properly monitor Jackson while he was under the influence of propofol. Murray's defense team argues that Jackson himself took a powerful combination of propofol and the sedative lorazepam without Murray's knowledge on the day he died.

Murray sent an email on the morning Jackson died at 11:17 a.m., a little more than an hour before 911 was called to report a lifeless Jackson.

The email centered on a request for Jackson's medical records in an effort to get an insurance policy for the concert. Potential insurers wanted Jackson's medical records to see if there was any truth to media reports that Jackson used a wheelchair, suffered a back injury, had lupus or cancer or emphysema or was anorexic.

Murray called those reports "fallacious."

"I spoke with Mr. Jackson and requested his authorization for release of his medical records in order to assist you to procure a cancellation insurance policy for his show, however, authorization was denied. I therefore suggest that someone from AEG should consult kindly with Mr. Jackson as to its relevance for he is of the opinion that such a policy is already secured," Murray writes in the email.

During the final days of Jackson's life, Murray was in the midst of contract negotiations. He signed a contract for $150,000 a month to be Jackson's personal physician, however neither Jackson or any one from the company promoting the concert signed the contract.

A previous witness who drafted the contract said that she had asked for more information about Jackson's health including any records that Murray had.

Murray insisted that Jackson was a healthy man and that any records he had would be thin because Jackson's health was so good.

Prior to the testimony about emails on Murray's iPhone, a staff member at a medical and pharmaceutical company told jurors that Murray's company ordered several supplies in the months before Jackson died. Those supplies included syringes, catheters, saline bags, blood pressure cuffs for both children and adults and electrodes for an EKG machine.

Sally Hirschberg of Seacoast Medical said that she refused to have those supplies shipped to a residential address in Santa Monica, Calif., that Murray's staff gave her. On Tuesday, Murray's girlfriend Nicole Alvarez testified that she received shipments on behalf of Murray at her apartment in Santa Monica. Prosecutors contend those shipments included propofol.

Hirschberg said that the day after Jackson died, Murray's staff called to cancel an order for condom catheters made three days before the singer died. Multiple witnesses have testified that a lifeless Jackson was wearing the catheter on the day he died. The catheter is used to collect urine.

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