Judge Orders Men to Dress in Drag

"They're swerving slamming on the brakes, trying to throw this guy out," Geries said. Franse held on and shouted to other drivers for help. Eventually he broke the window into the passenger cab and started wrestling with the men.

After almost an hour, the thieves had enough, Geries said. They pulled over and ran off on foot, abandoning Franse and his truck. After he drove to a nearby farmhouse to call for help, police arrived and hunted for the hapless car thieves in the thick rows of corn.

"It belonged to this young man and he wasn't about to let it go," Geries remarked.

With the help of a K-9 unit, they apprehended Joe Angel Roldan, 18, but the other suspect — a juvenile — managed to hide in the field overnight. He turned himself in the following morning, covered with more than 300 mosquito bites, police said.

They were charged with aggravated kidnapping and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. -->

Crime Blotter, a weekly feature of ABCNEWS.com, is compiled by Oliver Libaw.

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