How My Husband's Boyfriend Got His Green Card

Isabel adds, "If I didn't do this and I just went back to my country, I'd always regret that there was one more thing I could have tried to stay in America, but I didn't do it."

Right Vs. Wrong

"Give me rules that can help me stay," Isabel begs. "I do know that I'm doing a wrong thing but I'm only doing it because there's no right thing to do."

"I've learned so much about a side of things, an ugly side of the coin, that real Americans don't know," she said. "And now I found someone who wants to help me."

Should Isabel be allowed to stay? In helping her, is David harming America? The ethical dilemmas only accumulate.

"What am I doing bad to the United States?" Isabel asks. "I have no criminal record. I want to pay taxes. I want to work legally."

In her opinion, she's not here to take advantage of the United States. "I have so much I can contribute to your country."

*All names have been changed to protect the newlyweds.

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