Arctic Air Invasion: Crazy Photos From the Northeast Freeze

PHOTO: BryantParkNYC posted this photo to Instagram on Feb. 12, 2016 with the caption, "After a series of false starts, its looking like well finally see a full frozen fountain this weekend!"PlayInstagram/BryantParkNYC
WATCH Dangerous Cold Hits the Northeast

Wind chill warnings are in effect for much of the Northeast, where conditions overnight Saturday could dip to life-threatening conditions -- and the bitter temps are leaving frozen hydrants and fountains in its wake.

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Here are some of the most extreme photos emerging in the icy weather.

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A photo posted by shmeowow forever. (@shmeowow) on Feb 12, 2016 at 9:34pm PST

Wind gusts this weekend could be as high as 40 miles per hour, and temperatures could plunge to record lows from central New Jersey to Boston.

New York City is one of the areas under a winter chill advisory, with a possible wind chill of minus 25 degrees.

The wind chill reached 15 degrees in Central Park early this morning.

The cold and wind are expected to be so extreme that Central Park has cancelled its Ice Festival.

In another bit of irony -- the NYC Parks Department was slated to host the "Ultimate Snow Day" in Central Park on Saturday, Jan. 23 -- but that was cancelled because of a massive snowstorm that day.

And New York City's bone-chilling temperatures could be one for the record books: If NYC hits zero degrees this weekend, that will be the first time since 1994.

Wind chills in this cold can bring on frostbite in as little as 10 minutes, the National Weather Service said, so outdoor exposure should be limited. If you are going outside, dress in layers, and keep your hands and head covered.