Aspiring Musician Becomes 'Sugar Baby' to Pay for Tuition


'Sex Isn't a Given; It Is Earned,' New York Sugar Baby Says

"Basically, trading companionship for money," Berliet said. "A lot of these guys will just pay for pretty girls to have dinner with them."

Christine Morris said some of the men she met expected sex. She said she made it known that wasn't her expectation, but also that sex wasn't out of the question.

Pixie, a 23-year-old sugar baby in New York City, said sex wasn't a given, and it wasn't tied to the money.

"They'll bring an envelope and just put it in your purse while you're not looking, or sometimes they'll just say, 'Honey, do you need anything besides the allowance?'" she said.

She said she told them $8,000 or $9,000 per month, which will help with her plans to go to law school. "For some men that's not a lot of money," she said. "Plus, a wife costs a lot more."

Morris said she hadn't made anything close to that yet. She said she received an average of $100 to $500 per date.

David Montrose, 44, is a New York City-based sugar daddy. Montrose, who works in finance, has written about being a sugar daddy on his blog, Sugar Daddy Diary, and in a book of the same title, published in 2011.

Based on his experience, he developed certain rules, he said.

"Think about it hard, and be honest and upfront as you discuss the details" of the arrangement, he said. When a potential sugar baby asks for a certain amount, he asks himself, "Can I afford this?" he said.

Another rule is not to forget it's "no strings attached," he said. "One of the common traps sugar daddies and babies fall into is falling in love with the other."

He said in his experience sugar babies varied widely, from a graduate student in chemistry at a top upstate-New York university, to an airline employee, to a divorcee, older than he was, with two children.

Regardless, he described most sugar babies as "girl-next-door types who need financial help at that time of their lives."

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