Bank-Robbing Brother and Sister Were Recruited by Father


"I was concerned, you know...when he was going out to drink. That was, you know, a big time of worry for me, not knowing what was going to happen, if he might end up in jail, or end up in a fight," Hayden Catt said.

Over the years, Scott Catt was arrested for driving under the influence, assault and disorderly conduct. However, Hayden Catt and Abby Catt never suspected that their father, who was an engineer during the day, was also moonlighting as a bank robber.

"From time to time, though, in his room, he would keep an envelope full of hundred-dollar bills," Hayden Catt recalled. "But, I never, I never really thought it that strange that he would keep a couple thousand dollars in cash."

For a fresh start, Scott Catt moved his family from Oregon to Texas to start a new life and job, but his life of crime quickly followed.

It wasn't until one night last year when Scott Catt revealed to his son where the cash stashed around the house had been coming from.

"That's when he approached me and said, 'Would you be willing to do something to get some money, more illegal than selling drugs?'" Hayden Catt said. "And I said, 'Yes.'"

Scott Catt reassured his son that he'd robbed banks many times before and always stayed ahead of the cops. However, recruiting his son to rob banks with him was not enough for this dad.

"My dad sent my brother to ask me," Abby Catt said. "I mean, it was just…in some way, I was led on, like, this is how I protect them, you know. And these are the only people I have, so...."

By their second bank heist together, the Catt family had stolen over $100,000. However, police were quickly able to identify them by the construction worker vests that Scott Catt ordered his children to buy for disguises.

"Home Depot video surveillance also shows Hayden and Abby walking in there and purchasing those vests...with a Mastercard debit card in the name of Scott Catt," Sheriff Troy Nehls told "20/20."

On Nov. 9, 2012, Hayden Catt, Abby Catt, and Scott Catt were all arrested. After accepting his plea deal, Hayden Catt will receive 371 days of credit for time served and will be eligible for parole in five years. With 371 days of credit served, Abby Catt will be eligible for parole in 18 months.

Shocked by Abby Catt's case, Sheriff Nehls said he's committed himself to helping her turn her life around. "I just feel that she's more of a victim in this," Sheriff Nehls said. "My goal and objective try to educate her, get her where she can get her GED and try to teach her some type of a skills set here so when she gets out….you know, she can lead a productive life."

Abby Catt said she doesn't know if her father is sorry. "But, I believe he feels remorse, but I also believe that he still didn't have my best interests through all of this, through all the court stuff," she said.

As they serve the remainder of their sentence, Hayden Catt and Abby Catt hang onto the deep bond they share with one another.

Their love for each other is the one thing their father couldn't destroy.

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