Calif. Teen Who Shot 8th Grade Classmate Pleads Guilty to Second-Degree Murder


"He was chasing boys around school with his heels. He was touching himself," said lawyer Scott Wippert. "He was doing things that are sexual in nature that you and I would look at you as an adult and say, 'That is inappropriate.'"

Wippert said Larry sexually harassed McInerney on a daily basis.

But Laskey said Larry's bullying was motivated by revenge.

"He would not just do it for no reason," she said. "He always did it after they made him cry."

McInerney also had a troubled home life. Born to a meth-addicted mother, McInerney was sent to live with his father at age 7 -- but McInerney's life there was no better. A drug addict himself, McInerney's father went on drug-fueled rages, often beating McInerney.

The rages reportedly grew worse in the weeks leading up to the shooting. McInerney, a one-time honor student, stopped turning in his homework and was moved into a remedial English class -- the same class as Larry King.

Watch the original "20/20" report on Brandon McInerney and Lawrence King here.

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