California Doctor Charged With Murder in Patient Overdoses


One mother, Jodi Barber, 52, of Laguna Niguel, Calif., said she knows all too well the tolls that prescription drug abuse can take on young lives.

After her 19-year-old son died of a prescription drug overdose in January 2010, she co-created documentary called "Overtaken" to shed light on the problem.

Barber said she was unaware of her son's short battle with painkillers until three months before his death. She said that one of her son's friend's gave him just a quarter of a pill, which they'd crush and snort, and which was enough to get him hooked.

Barber alleges that another friend of her son's who went to Tseng for drugs then sold them to her son; that boy died five months later, she said.

"These kids would go to her, and she'd give them 90 Opana [oxymorphone, a narcotic used to treat moderate to severe pain]," Barber said.

She said she partially blames Tseng for her son's death.

"She's the professional, and she knows better," Barber said. "She overprescribed, and she prescribed deadly combinations."

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