Casey Anthony Supporters Send Her Cash, Gift Cards


She said at the meeting that she lives with friends. When a federal bankruptcy trustee asked her if she bought her own food, she said, "I try to contribute when I can."

Anthony's lawyers have said since she was acquitted that she has not received any offers for book, movie or television deals. She repeated that at the bankruptcy hearing.

Melissa used to be afraid to support Anthony publicly, but said she has become more vocal about her sympathy. She said her husband and parents are aware of her "hobby" and support her. She spends several hours a day working on the Anthony website and has also been kept busy by a second website she is helping with,

"My reason for helping with it is because I do think women in high-profile trials are misportrayed [sic] in the media, and it drives me crazy to see them calling someone a sociopath by the way their eyes look and diagnosing people they haven't ever met," she said. "I have a lot of passion in what I do."

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