Dying Manson Murderer Denied Release

Charles Manson follower and convicted mass murderer Susan Atkins has been denied parole, Lt. Bart Fortner, a spokesman at the Central California Women's Facility in Chowchilla, Calif., told ABCNews.com.

The hearing officials cited the "atrocious" and "dispassionate" nature of the murders committed in 1969.

Atkins, 61, is riddled with cancer, paralyzed over most of her body and has had her left leg amputated. She requested the early release so she could die outside of prison.

VIDEO: Manson follower Susan Atkins reads the 23rd Psalm at her parole hearing.

The one-time member of the Manson Family was wheeled in to the hearing room on a gurney dressed in a hospital-style gown, her face bloated and her head covered by a purple and pink knitted cap. The cross she once carved into her forehead as a sign of loyalty to Manson was no longer visible.

Her husband and attorney James Whitehouse helped her through a reading of Psalm 23, pausing for her to feebly chime in every few words.

She managed to give him a few weak attempts at a smile.

The room was very quiet when the decision was announced. "No gasps or intakes of breath," said Fortner.

VIDEO: Sharon Tates sister speaks at Susan Atkins parole hearing.

But the family members of her victims still had harsh words for Atkins, reminding the panel that she was a cold-blooded killer who had not once apologized to any of them for the lives she took in such a brutal, gruesome fashion.

"There has never been any hate in my for these people," said Debra Tate, a sister of murdered actress Sharon Tate, said while imploring the panel to deny Atkins' parole. "I am incapable of hating."

Tate noted that in denying her family an apology and seeking parole, Atkins has denied the Tate family a chance at freedom from her crimes.

Atkins can apply again for release in three years.

Since her conviction, Atkins has been denied parole 12 times. Doctors have said she is now close to death.

VIDEO: Charles mansons former followers talk about life with the convicted mass murderer.

The two other female Manson murderers, Leslie van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel are up for parole next year.

She is the longest-serving female inmate currently incarcerated in California, entering the system on April 23, 1971 -- five days before Krenwinkel.

Family members of her victims pleaded with California officials to keep the one-time Manson acolyte follower behind bars.

Debra Tate and Anthony DiMaria, a nephew of hairstylist Jay Sebring, were among those who testified at the hearing at the Central California Women's Facility, according to Sandi Gibbons of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.

VIDEO: Convicted killer Susan Atkins is asking for her life sentence to be cut short.

Charles Manson is next up for parole in May 2012. Manson murderer Charles "Tex" Watson Watson is up in November 2011.

Atkins Had "No Mercy"

Atkins hardly looks the part of the cold-blooded murderer, but she has been described as one of the more vicious of the "Manson women."

If parole had been granted, it would have been an act of mercy that she so notoriously denied her most famous victim – an 8-months pregnant actress Sharon Tate, who was murdered in her Los Angeles home on Aug. 9, 1969 alongside Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger and Wojciech Frykowski. Teenager Steven Parent was also murdered that night in Tate's driveway for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In one of the most chilling moments of the Manson Family's crime spree was Atkins' account of how the actress pleaded for mercy for her unborn child.

"She asked me to let her baby live," Atkins said at a parole hearing 16 years ago. "I told her I didn't have mercy for her."

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