Chavis Carter Case: Dash Cam Video in Police Car Shooting


Carter suffered a gunshot wound to the right temple. Police said "a small .380 caliber cobra semi-auto firearm was discovered, as well as an expended case, and a projectile (which was recovered in the rear of the vehicle). This evidence was packaged and has been sent to the state crime lab. The firearm had previously been reported stolen by a resident in Jonesboro (June 2012)."

Benjamin Irwin, the attorney for Carter's mother, continued to doubt the police account and questioned the evidence release.

"We are invested in what happened in those moments leading up to the shooting. The gun, who put the gun there, the timeframe and who pulled the trigger," said Irwin.

Irwin said it was the officers' duty to protect Carter.

"How is it that a trained officer of the law can search a young man not just once, but twice, handcuff him, place in the back of your squad car and if he had a handgun not detect it? They are either completely incompetent or they are not being completely truthful about what truly happened," said Irwin. He said Carter was not suicidal.

Police said they are still awaiting the complete autopsy report as well as forensics. The FBI is also monitoring the case.

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