Church of Scientology Statement to ABC News

Statement Issued to ABC News by Gary S. Soter, counsel for Church of Scientology International.

I received the following statement from Mr. Tommy Davis following publication of false statements which appeared in the Hollywood Reporter: The Hollywood Reporter did not check the facts with the Church or with Mr. Davis before publishing the false statements:

"Marty Rathbun never witnessed conversations between me and Isabella and Connor Cruise about their mother because no such conversations ever occurred. I have never spoken with Isabella or Connor about their mother and never would as it is none of my business. – Tommy Davis"

The Hollywood Reporter interviewed five excommunicated self-promoters (including one who is currently promoting a book) who appear to be shamelessly exploiting a private and personal family matter for their own personal financial gain and/or self interests. I have learned that two of them, Rathbun and Rinder, abandoned their wives and their religion five or more years ago. None of these individuals have any personal knowledge about the lives about which they are opining.

We implore ABC not to republish or broadcast their false allegations.