Colorado Shooting Victim Caleb Medley Showing Small Signs of Progress as Wife Gives Birth


Seth and Mike recalled the couples love for the Batman story, both saying the two had been excited for months about the premiere.

"He loved Batman," Seth said, "He really connected with it."

West added, "He had Batman memorabilia on. Katie had a button on. They were ready to go."

The one element of this shooting that the family does not want to discuss, however, is anything having to do with the alleged shooter. Caleb's father attended the hearing Monday, but sought to stay out of the spotlight, saying only that he was representing his son who could not be present.

His son Seth agreed that the alleged perpetrator should receive as little attention as possible.

"I don't want to think about it," Seth said, "I haven't put two thoughts to the psychopath who did this. It is the furthest thing from my mind."

West, Seth, and all the family members are grateful to everyone who has supported their son, brother and dear friend. Anyone who wants to help can do so HERE.

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