Parrot Mistaken for Child in Distress in Connecticut

PHOTO: A green parrot perches on a branch in this undated file photo.Getty Images
A green parrot perches on a branch in this undated file photo.

When a Fairfield, Conn., woman heard a voice saying "Daddy, daddy, daddy," from a tree, police responded to the call to find a surprising runaway.

The unidentified woman told police she heard someone screaming and beagn searching for the person, Fairfield Police told local TV station WFSB-TV.

"The voice kept saying 'daddy,' 'daddy,' 'daddy,' then said 'what,'" Fairfield police Lt. James Perez told WFSB-TV. "Almost if the child was talking to someone else."

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Police said the woman believed the voice was coming from a child in distress.

"As she was looking for the source of the voice, she kept following it and brought her to a tree near the school where she looked up and saw it was a parrot," Perez said.

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Authorities told WFSB the parrot said several words including "hello," "daddy" and "what."

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Animal control was unable to retrieve the parrot, which was up 25 feet in the tree. The fire department eventually retrieved the bird and brought it to an animal shelter.

The Fairfield police and fire department did not respond to requests from ABC News for comment.

The parrot's owner, Christopher Gerbasi, of Fairfield, had reported the parrot missing for days. The woman located the bird about a mile from his home, WFSB-TV reported.

"We're just happy there were no children that were hurt and that it wasn't a child at all, but in fact a bird just yearning for its father or its daddy, and we got it back to him," Perez said.

Gerbasi did not respond to a request for comment.