Propofol Expert Claims Michael Jackson Gave Himself Fatal Injection


But prosecution asked each of those doctors and nurses whether they agreed to provide Jackson with the drug, and each said they had refused. That left Murray as the only physician who agreed to administer propofol to Jackson.

"He kept telling me that doctors said he'd be safe [taking the propofol]," said Cherilyn Lee, a nurse practitioner who consulted Jackson on holistic health care. "I said, 'No one who cares about your will give you propofol to sleep.'"

Abrams said those witness statements are damaging to the defense.

"Their witnesses, who claim that Michael Jackson was effectively shopping around for a doctor or nurse who'd give him drugs, are also saying they never would have done what Murray did, and that they actually refused," said Abrams, "I don't think there's a chance that [the jury] won't agree that he was grossly negligent."

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