English-Language Cyberwar Software Might Have Targeted Iran


Cyber-attacks and malware practiced at the macro level, by governments or large organizations, can affect citizens in myriad ways, Thakur said. If the Iranian oil terminals are knocked off line, for instance, it can affect oil prices around the world and at the neighborhood pump, he said. It can also affect political acts and situations.

"It's very possible that you and I have read about certain incidences in our lives that could be related to Flame," he said.

The software will not, however, affect the average computer user's online security. A highly complex software program used to steal information is typically targeted to specific individuals.

"For the average user, it does not make much of a difference," he said. "People behind such projects are not targeting the average user. That being said, it does raise the bar in the cybermalware world. These are techniques they could employ as well. The game will be upped by the average hacker in coming months and years."

As for whether cyberwar is about to break out, Thakur said that "we have long crossed that middle zone, debating whether or not this should be done. Governments are snooping on people's computers, governments are indeed meddling, waging cyberwar. Activities are indeed happening. "

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